15 Surprising Natural Beauty Trends In 2021 You Need To Know

Here are the biggest natural and green beauty trends for 2021 that are total game-changers.  Natural beauty is set to dominate the beauty industry this year.

Spa salon therapy treatmentIf you’re still new to self-care philosophy, now would be the best time to catch up with natural beauty trends.

The days seem like sprinting towards the end of 2020 and soon 2021 will be upon us. And what better way to usher in the new year than reading up on beauty and skincare forecasts?

Right, things are brewing up as early as now and the horizon looks promising.

Think diversified natural looks, products leaning towards the organics, sustainability awareness, and brand engagement.

Those are just but a few reasons to get excited for 2021 trends in cosmetics and skincare world.

And yes, I’m also thrilled to share with you which fads are going to take over the coming year according to industry experts.

15 Surprising Natural Beauty Trends In 2021 You Need To Know

2021 would be a year of reinvention, environmentally-driven campaigns, and a shift towards all-inclusive cosmetics and skincare products.

These are the spoilers you’ll definitely not regret learning!

1) Reducing Carbon Footprint With Sustainable Packaging

With the need to protect the main contents of beauty items, transitioning towards a zero-waste product used to be a challenge for manufacturers.

Thankfully, with inspiration from homemade DIY community, brands are starting to discover ways on how to limit waste through their packaging.

You can find bath bombs wrapped in recycled paper or biodegradable wrapper (because they need to be protected from moisture!).

It’s not also impossible to see more products in their “naked” format.

Meaning, they are modified to eliminate the need for packaging such in the case of shampoo bars, scrubs, and other molded skincare formats.

Not only it drives more sales from environmentally-conscious buyers, but it also focuses on improving the product itself to become eye-catching enough to discard packaging altogether.

Still another example of sustainable packaging comes in the form of refillable cosmetics and skincare items.

Some brands are even pushing to conduct refilling stations where you’ll be able to refill the contents of your shampoo bottle, body wash, and even perfume.

2) Waterless Formulations

Eliminating water from product formulations is as difficult as pulling away from plastic packaging, but luckily we’re getting there.

I used to imagine how much water we can conserve by limiting the liquids that brands use in their cosmetics and skincare products.

Now, it’s becoming a reality.

Earlier, I have discussed how to make dry shampoo that doesn’t require you to wash with water.

There are other formulations that eliminate water or aqua completely. They include powder and oil cleansers, among many new variations of standard products.

Similarly, there’s a movement that pushes for water-less skincare routine.

Basically, just streamlining your regimen will go a long way to conserve water. I’m talking about the 10 (almost 12) steps Korean skincare routine in which water plays a significant role.

Limiting rinses and application is predicted to become a trend in the future.

3) Dual-Purpose Skincare Products

In line with streamlining your beauty routine, brands are slowly coming up with items that can do double duty.

Some have already launched hybrid skincare items that outperform and serve more than one purpose.

You’ll soon read labels like “moisturizing toner”, “exfoliating facial mask”, etc.

Not only will it save the planet from extra product waste, but it will also save you bathroom sink space.

4) Inclusivity Of All Skin Types And Colors

Just recently, there’s a growing movement that pushes for an all-inclusive range of skincare products.

This has already been adopted for cosmetic formulations, in which all skin tones get the right shades perfect for accentuating their complexion.

Hence, it welcomes the opportunity to cater to all women of various colors instead of feeding insecurities that cosmetics used to breed in the last few decades.

With skincare products that aim to improve existing complexion and texture, we are inching towards a friendlier community that encourages diversity.

5) Wellness-Inspired Beauty Items

Come 2021, there would be more emphasis on spa-inspired beauty products that integrates wellbeing with skincare practices.

You’ll soon see brands suggesting that you use a product that you can infuse in your bathtub to enjoy both its rejuvenating and skin-nourishing effects.

This is just an example. There would be more novel ideas to expect in the future.

6) Transparency In Disclosing Product Formulations

This year has seen more brands becoming transparent in informing buyers of their product formulations.

It’s happening now, but expect more manufacturers to come forward and disclose the ingredient list of products in their trade names.

Most of the natural products I’ve been using for a while now are EWG-verified and that’s how I can tell which ones are safe and non-toxic.

In the future, there would be a growing interest in having that verified seal to solidify the brands’ environmental advocacy.

7) Fresher Organics, Cruelty-Free, And Non-Animal Derived Products

Since organic ingredients and vegan-approved products are the “in thing” these days, more brands are looking into possibilities of replacing lab animals completely with in vitro methods (using human cells and tissues out of the body) and computer-modeling techniques.

This is in line with the growing preference for ethical sourcing of ingredients and elimination of violent animal testing.

8) Increased Preference For Curative Skin Remedies

If cosmetics used to mask the unsightly appearance of skin in the past years, 2021’s mantra would be “skincare first”. 

I vouch for the effectiveness of home remedies when it comes to dealing with skin problems.

It’s a breath of fresh air to know that people will soon prioritize healing skin products over temporary beauty solutions.

9) Futuristic Facial Tools For Home Use

From jade rollers to micro-needling device, your at-home self-care arsenal will soon get more advanced with the introduction of technology.

In the near future, you’ll see devices that can detect which skin problem you’re suffering from and suggest a particular regimen for you to rid of it.

Others will include skin scanners, laser therapy tools, sculpting devices, and more futuristic approaches to skincare.

10) Dewy, “No Makeup” Look

Move over, Insta-glam look. The dewy, bare-faced look will still dominate the beauty scene in 2021.

If you’re like me who can go through a day without putting any makeup, then this is good news for you.

Instead of layering your face with foundation and powders, you can skip makeup altogether and still look presentable.

This is all thanks to the new beauty mindset depicting “less is more”.

If you must add color, you can go with a plant-based lippie.

And yes, you can forget about styling your brows. 2021’s look encourages raw and untamed eyebrows.

11) New Perfume Formats

Perfume used to be contained in spray bottles, but that’s going to change soon.

There are brands who are pushing for different formats of body fragrance that aim to simplify application and increase usage.

One example is the balm perfume that you can rub on your body and has a fragrance that lasts longer.

Other innovations take shape in form of towelettes, roll-ons, and cushion fragrance.

12) App-Linked Beauty Regimen

Similar to a previous point, there would be a shift towards digital interfaces that can help you achieve your skincare goals.

This is now being tested through QR codes printed on the product labels, which will direct you to the brand’s portal upon scanning.

The purpose of these is mainly to educate buyers and save on paper labels at the same time.

13) Sustainable Sourcing Of Ingredients

As more and more people become aware of a brand’s social impact, many manufacturers are restructuring their sourcing channels to support the livelihood of local organic farmers.

Since natural ingredients are big nowadays, you can expect a more socially worthwhile experience with skincare brands.

14) Pantry Staples Inspiring Skincare Products

It used to be the other way: you simply raid your pantry for any ingredients that may pass for a skin remedy.

In the future, you’ll see these pantry staples debuting as skincare products.

But you don’t have to buy if you can make them on your own. That’s what DIY recipes are for.

15) Tapping Social Media For Market Reach And  Beauty Campaign Awareness

Taking a cue from social media influencers, brands will soon launch their own respective communities to directly attend to discussions concerning products and beauty trends.

There’s actually a handful that have online presence now, but we’ll see more of them in 2021.


2021 is going to be a huge leap for the beauty industry, particularly in terms of trends that heavily rely on planet-saving measures.

With natural cosmetics and skincare trends taking the spotlight, you won’t have a hard time riding the waves of change.

Here are the 15 Surprising Natural  Beauty Trends In 2021 You Need To Know:

1) Reducing Carbon Footprint With Sustainable Packaging

2) Waterless Formulations

3) Dual-Purpose Skincare Products

4) Inclusivity Of All Skin Types And Colors

5) Wellness-Inspired Beauty Items

6) Transparency In Disclosing Product Formulations

7) Fresher Organics, Cruelty-Free, And Non-Animal Derived Products

8) Increased Preference For Curative Skin Remedies

9) Futuristic Facial Tools For Home Use

10) Dewy, “No Makeup” Look

11) New Perfume Formats

12) App-Linked Beauty Regimen

13) Sustainable Sourcing Of Ingredients

14) Pantry Staples Inspiring Skincare Products

15) Tapping Social Media For Market Reach And  Beauty Campaign Awareness

I hope that the coming year’s forecast will inspire you to set aside destructive beauty practices and instead follow the “green route”.

After all, natural beauty trends are stuff that won’t go out of style any time soon.

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