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49 Best Sleep Gifts: Products I Still Use That Actually Work

Give the gift of good sleep and you’ll transform lives and be loved forever.  These gifts help get rid of insomnia and promote long deep sleep.

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After spending over 30 years of my life as an insomniac, I have tried every single sleep aid on the market.  

I have finally managed to get to a point where I can consistently sleep well every single night with the help from some tools and techniques that I have shared in this post.  

Even though I don’t currently suffer from insomnia, I still continue to try different things to see if I can swap out or reduce the number of different things I need to do before bed to get a good night’s sleep. 

This is a guide to all of the best things I’ve found to help me get a good night’s sleep every night. 

This will help you if you are suffering from insomnia, but it is also a gift guide so you know what to buy to help the loved ones in your life get a better night’s sleep. 

I have found benefit from all of these gifts. 

I will order these gifts with the most impactful gift at the top of the list, and the least impactful at the bottom. 

43 Best Gifts To Help Sleep: Tried, Tested & Actually Work

1. Melatonin

This is hands down the most effective thing I ever used to help me sleep.  After using everything else on this list I got to the point where I could sleep most of the time, apart from during my monthly cycle.  

Melatonin fixed that and now I can consistently sleep every day of the month and even when I travel which is something I never used to be able to do the first night in a different bed. 

{Get Your Melatonin Here}

2. Valerian


Valerian was effective for me most of the time. Most brands smell bad but this brand is odorless thank goodness.

{Get Your Valerian Here}

3. Lemon Balm Tea

I try and have a cup of this tea with my dinner, or early evening, and when I do, I notice I feel immediately relaxedLemon Balm tea also smells like heaven so I really look forward to this and got myself a bulk bag that has lasted me for months so far.

However, I try not to drink anything at all a few hours before bed or I’m up all night long going to the toilet.

{Get Your Lemon Balm Tea Here}

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Using electronic devices (apart from my kindle) really affect my sleep so badly so I tend to stay away from using any devices in the evening if I can help it.

However, on the rare occasion that I do want to use my phone or laptop, I will always put on my blue light blocking glasses and they really help to avoid me waking up with the shocking blue light from devices.

{Get Your Blue Light Blocking Glasses Here}

5. Salt Lamp

Different colored lights can really affect our sleep. Just as we want to block blue light as it wakes us up, we also want to get more orange and yellow light to help us feel sleepy.

The best investment I ever made was to buy salt lamps for mine and my kid’s bedrooms and my lounge. I turn these on in the evening and it helps my eyes to settle down and become tired at night time.

{Get Your Salt Lamp Here}

6. White Noise Machine

I am a very very light sleeper. That means the slightest little grunt from my husband or sound of a car door slamming outside will wake me up.

The best solution I came across is a white noise machine. Of course you can use certain apps on your mobile phone to do this but most of them require access to the Internet and I sleep with my phone on airplane mode for health reasons.

I also really like white noise machines as they are louder than a mobile phone.

{Get Your White Noise Machine Here}

7. Black Out Curtains

I found I needed a combination of both blackout blinds and curtains to get the room dark enough for my body to be able to get back to sleep in the middle of the night after waking.

These are also perfect for me as I live in a climate where it gets light at around 3:30am and dark at around 11pm in the summer.

{Get Your Black Out Curtains Here}

8. Black Out Window Covers

I find traditional blackout blinds still let some light through and so do curtains as they don’t sit flush next to the window.

These Blackout EZ window covers are the answer. I’ve got them installed on my bedroom windows and they work very well. I made a little mistake cutting them to fit so that’s why I also bought black out curtains. They work perfectly to block the light.

The trouble is, I still get a bit of light coming around the door frame from the front door which shines up the stairs, so that is my next project to tackle.

{Get Your Black Out Window Covers Here}

9. Buckwheat Groats Mattress

This is hands down the best sleep investment I ever made, and best of all, it’s super cheap for a mattress.

This mattress is filled with buckwheat groats which are the shells from buckwheat. They are completely dried and very good for air circulation so you don’t get overheated with this matress.

What I like best about this mattress is that it works a bit like a memory foam mattress, in that it shapes to your body so it’s very comfortable.

I never liked memory foam mattresses as they make you overheat and are filled with many harmful chemicals.

This is the most natural mattress you’ll ever use and it is what most Japanese people sleep on.

I have been using mine for years now and sleeping is a dream on this mattress.

I really miss it when I go travelling.

You can actually remove the buckwheat from a zipper like a bean bag to make it perfectly comfortable for yourself.

I removed about ⅓ of the buckwheat from mine as it was too hard to start with, and now it’s very soft and exactly as I want it.

{Get Your Buckwheat Groats Mattress Here}


10. Buckwheat Groats Pillow

The set above actually comes with a pillow, but if you just want to start by buying a pillow first, or in case you want to travel with your pillow, you can also get a standalone buckwheat pillow.

I always travel with my buckwheat pillow and it really helps me settle down into a new bed as my head doesn’t like being too high and I made this pillow perfect for me by removing half of the buckwheat groats from the zipper.

{Get Your Buckwheat Groats Pillow Here}

11. Lavender Essential Oil

I always apply lavender essential oil to the palms of my hands, rub my hands together and inhale the scent for about a minute before bed. Then I rub my hands over my pillow and apply more to massage into my shoulders.

As soon as I smell the lavender, I automatically feel very tired.

I always take my oils away travelling with me, and at home I also diffuse essential oils in my diffuser (See below).

Not all brands of essential oil are created equal. This is the best brand I have found by a long way.

{Get Your Lavender Essential Oil Here}

12. Essential Oil Diffuser

I add relaxing essential oils such as lavender, stress away or peace and calming blends into my diffuser and turn this on in the evening. It creates such a calming color changing lights and mist display.

I find it hard to get to sleep without having my diffuser on for a little while before bed. It has been one of my tried and tested routines for years now.

This is the exact same diffuser I have in my lounge and it is so pretty. I also love this brand because the mist is very strong and the water lasts for a long time.


{Get Your Essential Oil Diffuser Here}

Stress away

{Get Your Stress away Here}

Peace and calming

{Get Your Peace and calming Here}

13. 100% Cotton Bedding

There’s nothing worse than waking up sweaty and hot in the middle of the night because of cheap polyester bedding.

The solution I found was to get 100% cotton bedding. The higher the thread count, the better.

When you use one of these ground sheets, a sheet over your body and pillow, it is like slipping into luxury every bedtime.

Here is a sheet and pillowcase set.

{Get Your sheet and pillowcase set Here}

Here is a duvet set which also contains pillows:

{Get Your duvet set Here}

14. Use A Blanket Over A Sheet

I used to sleep with just a duvet over the top of me, but I’d find myself either too cold due to the cold air creeping in under the duvet or too hot because I didn’t have any other bedding options other than the duvet.

I tend to go to sleep feeling freezing cold and need lots of layers. I wake up a few hours feeling hotter and take a couple of bedding layers off. This allows me to immediately reach the desired temperature and get straight back to sleep again.

A good quality blanket really weighs you down and makes you feel snug in your bed. It is flexible to use both in summer with just a sheet, or in winter under another blanket or duvet for extra warmth.

I sleep with this over my flat sheet and have been so much more comfortable since.

This blanket is breathable as it is 100% cotton.

{Get Your Blanket Here}

15. Use A Duvet That Isn’t Lined With Plastic

No wonder I was waking up feeling sweaty when I discovered my expensive duvet was lined with a plastic sheet! Most of the time, you won’t see this on the advert and only spot it in the small print.

This is a great duvet for helping the air to circulate around your body.

{Get Your Duvet Here}

16. Breathable Comfortable Nightwear

Now that you’ve got breathable bedding, don’t forget about your nightgown! Wearing a polyester nightie isn’t going to work wonders for your sleep.

How about getting yourself one of these beautiful, breathable and sustainable nightgowns.

I tried a variety of 100% cotton nightgowns and they often looked frumpy and old fasioned. I love this line as they are modern, comfortable and good for the planet too.

{Get Your Comfortable Nightwear Here}

17. Hemp Oil For Sleep

If you live in a country where it is legal to get the real thing, then that is the best option, as long as you don’t have kids to look after or might have to wake up with your full senses in the middle of the night.

Failing that, this is a good second option.

{Get Your Hemp Oil Here}

18. Light Therapy Energy Lamp

It is better for sleep to get outside every day for at least 1 hour of exercise in daylight. This does wonders for your circadian rhythms.

If you can’t manage that, a light box will really help, or a daylight bulb in your office. I have a daylight bulb in my office while I’m working and it really helps to keep me energised during the day.

{Get Your Light Therapy Energy Lamp Here}

19. Gratitude Journal

For several years now I have been in the practice of journaling before I fall asleep. This really helps me to get rid of all of the thoughts from my head on to the page.

Another thing that worked well is to use a gratitude journal. Being grateful puts you in a positive frame of mind, gets rid of your anxieties which makes it much easier to sleep.

Try this trick too. When you are lying in your bed trying to sleep, think of as many things as you can that you can be grateful for. Your house, the bed, the warmth, the pillow, the darkness, the food you ate. Go on and on like this and you’ll be asleep in no time.

It always works for me when I remember to do it.

{Get Your Gratitude Journal Here}

20. The Effortless Sleep Method

This book pretty much flies in the face of everything I’ve said here. It pretty much tells you how to avoid gadgets and tricks to help you sleep.

Although I still use all my techniques and gadgets, I got so much benefit from this book in that it taught me how to relax despite insomnia and not get angry about it. Which in turn helps you get to sleep more quickly if you don’t get stressed about not sleeping.

{Get Your Effortless Sleep Method Here}

21. Deep Relaxation Bath Salts

I used to have a bath with epsom salts every night without fail and it always helped me wind down so much.

{Get Your Bath Salts Here}

22. Portable Sauna

I used my portable sauna every day for 6 months and slept so well, recovered from my workouts and my depression totally lifted. I also lost a lot of weight.

{Get Your Portable Sauna Here}

23. Sunrise/ Sunset Alarm Clock

This is something I just remembered I used to use, and got out of the habit of for some reason. I’m going to start using it again as it really did work so well.

The Light gradually fades when it’s time to sleep and the light increases when it’s time to wake up.

It is supposed to simulate being woken up by the sun and going to bed when the sun goes down and I absolutely love it.

It’s a much better way to wake up than having your sleep rudely disturbed by a shocking beeping noise.

{Get Your Sunset Alarm Clock Here}

24. Magnesium Spray


Most people are lacking in magnesium and magnesium helps you relax and sleep, which is why so many of us suffer with sleep problems.

A magnesium spray is the best way for your body to absorb magnesium.

I tried so many sprays and most of them make your body itch and sting. Not this brand. This is my favorite by far.

{Get Your Magnesium Spray Here}

25. Head Massager

This feels SO good and is so relaxing. I still use this when I remember about it.

{Get Your Head Massager Here}

26. Body Massager

This is one of the best things I ever bought. I’m not sure if I can say it directly helps me sleep, but I use it while sitting on the sofa when I’m getting agitated and it really does help me relax.

Much better than a massage from a person!

{Get Your Body Massager Here}

27. Sleeping Eye Mask

I take an eye mask with me when I’m travelling which is a good solution. It is also a great starting point if you don’t have any black out blinds to see if blocking out the light will work for you.

{Get Your Eye Mask Here}

28. Ear Plugs


The only ear plugs I ever found worked for me are the silicons reusable ones that mold to the shape of your ears. Other ear plugs like the disposable foam type don’t seem to block enough noise for me.

I take these with me when I go travelling and to also block out extra noise at home if I need to.

{Get Your Ear Plugs Here}

29. Sleep Meditations

There are so many great meditations you can listen to to help you get to sleep. I got so much benefit from these, not just to help me get to sleep but also to improve my confidence, overcome emotional problems and just generally be a happier more positive person.

{Get Your Sleep Meditations Here}

30. Sleep Headphones

If you are listening to sleep mediations (see above) then it is much better for you to listen to them through sleep headphones.

This is because they are designed to be in stereo and have different effects going into different ears which induce sleep via different parts of the brain.

The other good reason to get some headphones designed to wear while you sleep is so you don’t annoy anyone else in your house with the noise.

{Get Your Sleep Headphones Here}

The following are items that I haven’t yet personally tried, but they are on my wish list. If you have tried them, please let me know in the comments what you thought of them.

31. Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success

{Get Sleep Smarter Here}

32. The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight

{Get The Circadian Code Here}

33. Weighted Blanket

{Get Your Weighted Blanket Here}

34. Far Infrared Amethyst PEMF Pulsed Bio Magnetic Therapy Negative Ion Heating Pad

{Get Your PEMF Pad Here}

35. Acupressure Mat

{Get Your Acupressure Mat Here}

36. ChiliPAD Cooling And Heating Mattress Pad

{Get Your ChiliPAD Here}

37. Humidifier

{Get Your Humidifier Here}

38. Air Purifier

{Get Your Air Purifier Here}

39. Bedtime Tea

{Get Your Bedtime Tea Here}

40. The Sleep Revolution

{Get The Sleep Revolution Here}

41. Pure Silk Face & Hair Smoothing Pillowcase

{Get Your Silk Pillowcase Here}

42. Ostrich Pillow For Travel

{Get Your Ostrich Pillow Here}

43. Travel Pillow

{Get Your Travel Pillow Here}

44. Relaxing Pillow Spray

{Get Your Pillow Spray Here}

45. Boyfriend Body Pillow

{Get Your Boyfriend Body Pillow Here}

46. Total Body Pillow

{Get Your Total Body Pillow Here}

47. Knee Pillow

{Get Your Knee Pillow Here}

48. The Clapper: Sound Activated Light Switch

{Get The Clapper Here}

49. Color Me To Sleep Coloring Book

{Get Your Color Me To Sleep Coloring Book Here}


I’m sure you’ve found some really cool gifts in this collection to either buy yourself, or get the loved ones in your life who love their sleep, or who are struggling with sleep.I’d love to know what you’ve tried and what has helped your sleep.

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49 Best Sleep Gifts That Actually Work For Me

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49 Best Sleep Gifts That Actually Work For Me