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15 Ways To Use Squalane Oil To Instantly Transform Your Body

I explain what squalane oil is, how it benefits your whole body, some fantastic ways to use squalane oil and DIY recipes that will transform your entire beauty routine. 

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Sometimes we are wary of ingredients that other people put on their face and body, especially if they have foreign-sounding names.

I’m talking about squalane oil, which, from what I’ve gathered, is the next best thing in the beauty scene.

It doesn’t sound like one of the herbal extracts you typically use for your skincare routine, nor it is something you encounter in your everyday life.

But squalane oil, in all its strangeness, actually DOES a wonderful job at keeping skin in its prime condition.

Curious to know more about this new elixir oil?

Read on as I discuss what squalane oil actually is and how it can be used for a variety of beauty applications.

What Is Squalane Oil? 

If you have noticed or previously checked out the name on the internet, there’s another spelling variation for squalane oil.

To be clear, “squalane” is a derivative compound of “squalene” (with an ‘E’).

Unlike its original form, squalane is a saturated version.

It is the product that results from the hydrogenation of squalene.

On the other hand, squalene is an unsaturated oil that is naturally occurring in the body.

But not because it is produced by the body does it mean that it is safe to apply topically on your skin and hair.

In fact, squalene easily becomes stale under normal storage conditions, which makes it unideal to use for skincare products.

It is also unstable that even if it is harvested from plant sources, its high oxidation levels won’t help you achieve the best results. Not to mention, squalene’s tendency to oxidize makes your skin reactive, which might lead to breakouts.

Squalane, the one with an ‘A’, is 100% saturated, making it more stable than coconut oil.

It is also produced by the body naturally, though after hydrogenation.

Squalane is non-greasy and has a longer shelf life, which makes it suitable as a base for DIY skincare recipes. It mixes well with other ingredients to form a potent remedy for your beauty concerns.

Because it doesn’t oxidize quickly, squalane doesn’t cause allergic reactions and breakouts. It doesn’t react negatively to sebum, which is ideal for treating all types of skin.

Squalane gets absorbed quickly by the skin and seemingly blends with the body’s natural reserves of this compound.

Benefits Of Squalane Oil

Squalane oil’s benefits are being raved because everyone seems to enjoy them regardless of color, skin type, and beauty concern.

This is why squalane makes it to the list of top skincare products to check out now.

To give you a rundown of how effective this oil is, here are some of the established benefits of squalane oil I bet you wouldn’t want to miss:

1) It Is A Natural Emollient.

This quality makes squalane oil an effective moisturizer that softens and hydrates your skin.

2) It Is Hypoallergenic.

Squalane oil similarly mimics the healthy dose of your facial sebum so your skin won’t react negatively to it and bring you breakouts.

3) It Gets Absorbed Quickly By Your Skin.

It’s really difficult finding a moisturizer that doesn’t feel tacky. 

This is why I recommend quick-absorbing oils like squalane so your skin doesn’t stick to surfaces and make it feel heavy.

4) It Has Longer Shelf Life.

Owing to its being saturated and stable, squalane oil is perfect if you’re planning to make it a part of your daily skincare ritual.

It can stay fresh while in storage so you don’t have to worry about it turning rancid or the possibility of diminishing potency.

5) It is Non-Comedogenic.

What makes squalane oil a bestseller among those with oily skin is its being non-comedogenic.

Meaning, it doesn’t clog your pores in a way that can cause you to develop blackheads and acne.

Being a “dry oil” or non-comedogenic oil, squalane doesn’t leave a greasy layer on your face that can block your pores and trap its sebum and dead skin cells.

15 Ways To Use Squalane Oil To Instantly Transform Your Body

Squalane oil can be used in a variety of skin care applications.

Among them are as follows:

1) Skin Moisturizer

Whether you apply it on your face or body, using squalane oil as a moisturizer requires one basic step: cleansed skin.

So if you’re using it on your face, you need to remove traces of your makeup first, take a facial wash, and apply toner first.

On the other hand, your body must be fresh from the bath and has been toweled dry before applying on arms and legs.

For the face, you can apply up to 2 drops of squalane oil to smooth all over with your hands.

As for body application, you can use 2 drops for each arm and leg.

2) Around Eye Moisturizer

Squalane oil is also effective in dealing with your under-eye puffiness, crow’s feet, and dark circles.

To use, apply one drop for each eye area after toning.

Alternatively, you may add up to 2 drops of squalane oil to your trusted eye cream to simplify application and boost your cream’s performance.

3) Lips Moisturizer

If dry and chapping lips are your main concerns, you can use squalane oil to restore moisturization.

Simply apply a drop of squalane oil on exfoliated lips and leave it on overnight.

If you’re heading out, use it as a base for your lip balm or lipstick.

4) Remedy For Skin Allergies

Squalane is not only hypoallergenic, but it also cures allergy itself.

Apply a few drops on your palm and smooth all over patches of skin affected by allergy.

Make sure you have disinfected the area first before application of squalane oil.

5) Anti-Acne Remedy

To treat your acne, you’ll need a solution that mimics the natural oils of your face but can penetrate within to fight acne-causing elements.

That said, your best bet is to apply squalane oil about 1-2 drops on your acne-prone face.

Use it after cleansing for best results.

6) Controlling Excess Oil From Skin

Squalane oil inhibits the excess production of sebum so your face won’t suffer from oiliness and possible breakouts.

After you’ve cleansed and toned, apply 1-2 drops of squalane on your face and smooth all over.

7) Astringent

For deep cleansing, you can add up to 2 drops of squalane oil to your natural astringent to improve its ability to open pores and rid you of blackheads and whiteheads.

Alternatively, you may use a cotton ball and soak it in 2 drops of squalane oil for a standalone astringent that effectively dilates your pores for cleansing.

8) Healing Cracked Or Chapped Skin

Apply 1-2 drops of squalane oil on each hand or heel to replenish the moisture that has been lost in your skin which causes it to crack and chap.

Squalane has emollient properties that help restore hydration and suppleness on your skin.

9) Cure For Eczema, Psoriasis, And Dry Skin

Squalane oil is also effective in resolving your perennial skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

It is equally powerful in the treatment of dry skin due to dehydration and free radicals.

Simply apply up to 2 drops of squalane oil into body parts affected. 

Alternatively, you can add a few drops into your body lotion, salve, or body butter to make application easier and more effective.

10) Hair Hydration

Heat styling can strip away the natural moisture of your hair. 

You should apply 4-5 drops of squalane oil onto your hair from roots to tips to protect it from going brittle and damaged.

11) Healing Wounds

Squalane is highly anti-inflammatory and helps in the quick recovery of wounds on the skin.

Simply apply up to 2 drops of the oil onto affected part every after disinfection or washing.

12) Anti-aging

If you want to enjoy the best results from your anti-aging creams, simply add up to 3 drops of squalane oil into these treatments prior to facial application.

Squalane fights oxidative stress, which is one of the main causes of premature aging.

13) Remedy For Hyperpigmentation

Have you been under the sun for too long? Squalane can help in fighting UV damage on your skin.

Apply up to 2 drops of squalane oil onto your arms and legs after sun exposure.

Alternatively, you can combine it with your sunscreen by adding a few drops in the bottle and mixing it well.

14) Nail Moisturizer

If you’re a fan of gel and acrylic nails, it is important to take care of your cuticles before and following their removal.

Apply a drop of squalane oil on your bare nails and massage it on your cuticles for instant hydration and to prevent them from yellowing and turning brittle.

15) Post-Shave Treatment

Do you experience razor burn after shaving your legs?

Apply up to 2 drops of squalane oil on each of your legs or add the same amount to your after-shave lotion for lasting relief from stinging sensation.

Which Is The Best Squalane Oil

Despite what labels will have you believe, not all brands that sell squalane oil make the same formulation.

Some of them have scents added, while others include unknown ingredients.

What I recommend is that you pick the squalane oil that isn’t contaminated with toxic ingredients, is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.

Since many squalane oil formulations in the market are sourced from sharks, I also highly advise that you avoid them if you’re a vegan and supports anti-animal cruelty.

That said, I have discovered The Ordinary squalane oil as the most suitable product in the market.

It is 100% plant-derived, meaning, there’s no animal cruelty involved in the making of this oil.

The Ordinary Squalane Oil is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and doesn’t contain “extras” that tend to ruin the oil’s performance such as alcohol, water, silicone.


Squalane oil deserves all the attention it is getting these days due to its powerful mechanism in dealing with skin and beauty concerns.

It also doesn’t exclude you from using it even if you have oily, dry, or combination skin type. Your complexion also doesn’t matter because squalane oil works for any skincare woes and conditions.

As a better compound compared to squalene, this derivative doesn’t cause irritation, allergies, and won’t go rancid quickly, thus giving itself a longer shelf life.

Here are the 15 Ways To Use Squalane Oil To Instantly Transform Your Body:

  1. Skin Moisturizer
  2. Around Eye Moisturizer
  3. Lips Moisturizer
  4. Remedy For Skin Allergies
  5. Anti-Acne Remedy
  6. Controlling Excess Oil From Skin
  7. Astringent
  8. Healing Cracked Or Chapped Skin
  9. Cure For Eczema, Psoriasis, And Dry Skin
  10. Hair Hydration
  11. Healing Wounds
  12. Anti-aging
  13. Remedy For Hyperpigmentation
  14. Nail Moisturizer
  15. Post-Shave Treatment

With the abovementioned list of beauty applications, I’m sure that you’ll soon benefit from the use of squalane oil in your daily skincare routine.

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