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7 Ways To Use Heated Pedicure Boots For Soft, Relaxed Feet

Heated pedicure boots are so versatile, incredible for opening the pores, helping treatments penetrate the feet, reducing inflammation & softening the skin. 

7 Ways To Use Heated Pedicure Boots For Soft, Relaxed Feet

If you’re a salon regular, you’ve probably tried soaking your feet into a basin of warm water as part of the pedicure session.

Now imagine experiencing the same soothing effect on your toes and soles with a pair of heated booties.

Sounds cool and futuristic, right?

But do they serve the same purpose as warm foot soaks?

Or perhaps, do they deliver more benefits to your health and well-being enough for you to ditch the water basin treatment altogether?

As much as I enjoy old-school pedicure and foot treatments, I’d also love to try out different techniques that make good use of technology while enhancing my skin and health.

Among the popular inclusions to your usual salon and spa treatments are the electric pedicure boots.

They sound intimidating at first, but I’m glad to have given these devices a try to know exactly how they work.

So for today’s blog, I’m going to explain what these thermal booties are meant for.

I’ll also discuss why they are considered a better option for pre- and post-pedicure care, especially for those at home.

What Are Electric Heated Pedicure Boots?

Electric heated pedicure boots are a pair of encasements for the feet that induce thermal heating via electricity. These encasements mimic the shape of booties to ensure a better fit and that heat is evenly distributed around your feet. Basically, this device uses warm temperatures to achieve a variety of therapeutic effects.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this device until now.

It is just a new technology that aims to simplify pedicure treatments, as well as provide more spa-like results even at home.

The device claims to eliminate the need to prepare warm water, which temperature easily subsides.

With thermal energy, the device stays as hot as you’d like it to be for a few more minutes.

This is ideal for when you’re alone at home without extra helping hands that will perform pedicure for you.

And if you’re worried about using it for the first time, let me assure you that it doesn’t need a strict learning curve.

It is user-friendly and safe as long as you set the temperature to a minimum.

Once you get the hang of it, you can gradually work up to higher degrees that you’re comfortable with.

How To Use Electric Heated Pedicure Boots

To use electric heated pedicure boots, start with performing your pedicure treatment of choice. Once finished, wrap your feet separately with cling wraps for protection and to allow the foot spa products to soak while being heated. Before wearing the booties, heat them up first by setting the temperature either high or low, depending on which temperature range you’re most comfortable with. After five minutes of preheating, you may slip on the booties like socks and secure them in place with snaps. Wrap a towel around the boots to trap in the heat and let your feet warm for 10-15 minutes before removal.

This procedure will likely cause perspiration on your soles or your calluses to become looser; simply use a sponge to remove such residues.

Depending on your choice of foot treatment, you may need to file your soles, dry them, or add nail polish after heating your feet with the thermal booties.

Don’t forget to turn off the device and pull it off the socket for storage after use.

7 Ways To Use Heated Pedicure Boots For Soft, Relaxed Feet

1. Use The Thermal Pedicure Boots For Joint Pain Relief

Whether you’re already suffering from arthritis or joint pains, you can count on these heated pedicure boots to provide long-lasting relief.

The warming effect created by these booties boosts circulation around the feet and soles to reduce muscle tension on affected areas.

Choose a foot massage treatment prior to using these boots to trigger lymphatic drainage and reduce the pain.

2. Wear The Thermal Boots For Detox

Use an Epsom salt foot scrub and leave it on to work as a detoxifier when you put on the heated booties.

Just like its common foot soak application, Epsom salt helps flush out toxins and heavy metals through your skin cells.

As your feet are being warmed, the salt granules will turn into a perspiration-like residue that contains the toxins released from your body.

Interestingly, Epsom salt can also aid in muscle pain and fungal infections.


3. Apply Tea Tree Oil For Callus Removal

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is ideal for removing thick calluses on your toes and soles.

Instead of enduring abrasive filing, you can help soften your calluses instead for easier removal.

And to do that, you can use this pair of heated pedicure boots after applying tea tree oil all over your feet.

This oil is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, and moisturizing properties that can help with loosening calluses easily and without causing wounds.

Before you slip on the booties, apply a few drops of this oil on your feet, and wrap them individually with cling wraps.

You’ll see the difference after 10-15 minutes of heating.


4. Bathe Your Feet With Vinegar To Cure Athlete’s Foot

Thanks to acetic acid found in vinegar, you can help put an end to this fungal infection that causes itching and redness of the feet.

If you suffer from athlete’s foot, you can use these thermal booties in lieu of a warm water foot soak.

Simply apply vinegar (apple cider vinegar is preferable) all over your feet and wrap them in cling wraps before wearing the heated pedicure boots for a maximum of 15 minutes.


5. Soak Your Feet In Lavender Oil For Relaxation

Aromatherapy, when coupled by heat therapy, can be a powerful combo to fight stressed out body and mind.

For one, lavender oil has calming and soothing effects that are perfect for relaxation.

Similarly, heat therapy causes you to feel warm, which in turn becomes analgesic and therapeutic for the mind.

There’s the reassurance that comes with feeling warmth all over the body, and this is a neurological benefit you should take advantage of.

Simply put liberal amounts of lavender oil on your toes and soles before wrapping them in cling wrap.

Wear the thermal booties up to 15 minutes under medium temperature to activate relaxation.


6. Apply Your Favorite Moisturizer To Achieve “Baby Feet”

Who wouldn’t want to have soles that feel like a baby’s?

Once you’ve applied a body lotion or moisturizer on your feet, wrap them up in cling plastic and wear the heated boots.

This way, the heat helps open the pores so that the product deeply penetrates the dermis and cause cell turnover as well as moisturization.

After 10-15 minutes, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the texture of your soles.


7. Use A Nail Moisturizer To Rejuvenate Dry Cuticles

Aside from warming the feet and causing therapeutic muscle effects, these thermal booties can also treat your dry nails due to excessive nail polish usage.

Simply apply a nail moisturizer over your cuticles and wrap your feet with cling plastic.

Set the device’s temperature at low and wait up to 10 minutes before taking off the booties.

You’ll soon notice that your nails become more hydrated and healthier than before.


5 Best Electric Heated Pedicure Boots To Transform Your Feet

1. Hive Solutions Heated Pedicure Boots

These pedicure boots look like infant booties with their sterile-looking white fabric but wait until you get to try them on.

They snap on easily to allow a comfortable fit without letting any heat escape from the panels.

It is also great that they can be fitted to up to a size 11 foot so everyone can conveniently wear them without their feet feeling cramped inside.


2. Mastex Professional Heated Beauty Booties

With 2 heat settings, this pair of heated booties will make your feet stay warm and toasty without feeling scalded.

This way, you get to wear them for up to 15 minutes of uninterrupted heat therapy.

The best thing yet? The pair comes with washable liners that help protect your feet as well as the insides of your booties.


3. HOF Professional Heated Treatment Booties

While I don’t advise using paraffin wax for foot treatment (it’s TOXIC), I recommend this pair of heated pedicure booties for its versatile design that allows for relaxation and heat therapy of muscles.

It also has sufficient room inside to wiggle your toes whenever you feel like it. Meaning, your feet aren’t cramped inside and are dying to breathe.


4. XingYue Direct Foot Heated Boots

You may need to get a universal adapter when using these boots, but other than that, this pair of heated booties work well for a variety of foot treatments.

The booties are oversized to accommodate larger foot sizes and for easier wear.

What I like about these booties is that it has a cord that connects the pair far apart so that you can conveniently make some movements as you countdown the minutes until removal.


5. Noverlife Electric Heated Booties

For a pedicure treatment that complements your feminine vibes, here’s a pair of heated boots that come in pink color.

But not because they’re cute does it mean that it’s all they could offer.

With its one-size-fits-all design, even your hubby and kids can try a therapeutic foot treatment using these booties.

They also heat up quickly in one minute so you can instantly pop into the boots and just wait 15 minutes more to experience the soothing effects of this device.


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Here are the 7 Ways To Use Heated Pedicure Boots For Soft, Relaxed Feet:

  1. Use The Thermal Pedicure Boots For Joint Pain Relief
  2. Wear The Thermal Boots For Detox
  3. Apply Tea Tree Oil For Callus Removal
  4. Bathe Your Feet With Vinegar To Cure Athlete’s Foot
  5. Soak Your Feet In Lavender Oil For Relaxation
  6. Apply Your Favorite Moisturizer To Achieve “Baby Feet”
  7. Use A Nail Moisturizer To Rejuvenate Dry Cuticles

And here are the 5 heated pedicure boots that I recommend for you:

  1. Hive Solutions Heated Pedicure Boots
  2. Mastex Professional Heated Beauty Booties
  3. Hof Professional Heated Treatment Booties
  4. Xingyue Direct Foot Heated Boots
  5. Noverlife Electric Heated Booties


When it comes to pampering your feet, it helps to be constantly on the look-out for more advanced tools that will make your foot spa experience more enjoyable.

Among the modern devices that are now being used in nail salons and at home are the electrically-heated pedicure boots.

These booties use thermal heating to give warmth to the feet, just like how we used to enjoy with foot soaks.

Wearing these thermal boots delivers a variety of benefits not only to your feet but to your health and wellbeing as well.

I hope that this list inspires you to regularly take care of your feet and give them all the TLC they deserve.

After all, the majority of the job will be taken care of by these heated pedicure boots, which are highly versatile for a variety of health and wellness needs.

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