How To Blast Cellulite: The Truth That Nobody Is Telling You

If you want to get rid of your cellulite for good you need to read this. You will be surprised to learn what actually causes cellulite.

How To Blast Cellulite: The Truth That Nobody Is Telling You

Among the top beauty concerns that women have these days is how to blast cellulite.

Before you can flaunt a bikini-ready body, you will need to double-check your thighs and rump for any mini bumps that stick out of your skin.

And while I’m all for #BodyPositivity and inspiring people to embrace their flaws, some women just can’t help but be conscious about cellulite so much that they’ll look for ways to rid themselves of it.

But have you ever stopped and wondered what exactly is causing all this problem?

Science may have proven all sorts of treatments based on clinical studies, but there are still a few health mysteries that need to be uncovered.

And the origin of cellulite is one of those.

Now, I know that you might not be as interested in learning the root cause of cellulite as you are about removing them from sight.

Still, by understanding the underlying condition that gives way to its occurrence, you can easily tackle the problem and even learn how to keep cellulite away for good!

In today’s blog, I’ve decided to share with you what I learned about cellulite from Medical Medium and how his insights have helped me achieve a cellulite-free body.

What Causes Cellulite: The Truth

Did you know that dermatologists have barely even scratched the surface when it comes to cellulite treatment?

While they can zap out those dimpled skin with their powerful tools and high-end products, there’s no guarantee that you’ll forever be free from cellulite.

That is, until you discover that the root cause of all skin problems including cellulite is actually your struggling liver functioning.

How could that be, you ask?

First, the liver is where your blood gets filtered after passing the digestive tract.

Its other function is to metabolize and detoxify chemicals and drugs that you ingest.

Whatever you eat and drink gets processed by the liver into nutrients and enzymes that will fuel your other bodily functions.

Apparently, when you leave your liver unchecked, it becomes accumulated with toxins.

So much that it cannot help but carry those harmful materials along with the nutrients throughout your bloodstream.

And you’re not helping it by applying tons of skincare products loaded with questionable chemicals and traces of heavy metals.

The more toxic your liver becomes, the more likely you are going to experience the consequences.

Among them are acne, hair damage, brittle nails, and yes, even cellulite.

Whatever is ailing your skin can be blamed on the toxicity levels happening in your liver.

Thus, you need to detoxify this organ if you are to put an end to your cellulite and other beauty-related woes.

In the next section, I’m going to show you what Medical Medium recommends for people to help with the improvement of liver health and consequently enjoy better skin condition and general well-being.

How To Blast Cellulite: 10 Natural Ways To Heal

Now that you’ve figured out the real reason behind your pimply butt and thighs, it’s about time that you start nourishing your liver to reap its benefits not only on your cellulite but your entire body as well.

Medical Medium, from which all of these knowledge comes from, recommends that you try the following ways to heal:

1. Eat A Diet Rich In Foods That Support The Liver.

When your liver is not healthy, it manifests on your skin in various forms.

Among them is cellulite.

The basic step is to make dietary adjustments.

Since the liver processes the nutrients that you eat and drink, you should prioritize the consumption of liver-friendly foods such as lettuces (red and butter leaves), hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and walnuts.

They are rich in Omega-3 that is good for the liver.

Fruits such as banana, avocado, papaya, and mango all support a healthy liver by helping to flush out toxins regularly.

Bananas, in particular, helps cleanse the gut and is rich in skin-nourishing potassium.

Also, don’t forget figs and berries. They are both beneficial for your liver and skin.

2. Try “Green” Juices.

Celery and cucumber are among the top green juices that Medical Medium recommends for supporting liver and skin health.

However, they are best consumed plain and without flavor enhancers.

The beneficial and healing properties of these veggies can only be enjoyed if they are in their purest, concentrated form.

3. Cut Back On Proteins And Fats.

While meat and fatty food are not entirely problematic, it is the diet that is heavy on these food groups that burdens the liver and makes the adrenals infuse adrenaline into our bloodstream.

According to Medical Medium, everyday life stress is primarily causing adrenaline overdrive, which may prove risky for the liver that only tries to disperse fats.

Hence, it is necessary to limit your protein and fat intake, no matter where it is sourced.

Protein, whether from plant-based foods or actual meat, must not be the primary source of your diet.

You should also avoid dairy, eggs, and fried foods to reduce the fat accumulation in your body which your liver struggles to break down.

4. Load Up On Beta-Carotene.

When you cut back on proteins and fats, you can make room for a more nutritious food group called beta-carotene.

This compound is beneficial to the skin and can be found in sweet potatoes, mamey sapote, leafy greens, and melon varieties.

By loading up on this nutrient, you are also helping your liver to deliver skin nourishment across your bloodstream.

5. Consume Silica-Rich Herbs.

You may think silica only applies to bone health, but there’s actually another form of this mineral that is good for your skin, especially on your cellulite.

Horsetail and nettle are among the few herbs that are high in silica content both beneficial for the bones and skin.

6. Sip Lemon Verbena Tea.

Lemon verbena is probably the most underrated herbal tea that actually packs a lot of benefits.

From gut issues to infections and neural diseases, this herb provides an excellent cure to improve your overall health.

It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and a natural expectorant that is ideal for a variety of diseases.

But what this lemon verbena tea does best is to help you slim down and reduce the appearance of fats and cellulite.

It helps you burn fat better and rev up your metabolism much quicker.

7. Include Detoxifying Foods Into Your Diet.

As you cannot simply reach into your liver to drain it of cellulite-causing toxins, you can still do the same by feeding on detox foods.

Among them are cilantro, spirulina, barley grass extract, and Atlantic dulse. 

What these organics have in common is that they help disintegrate heavy metal contamination in the liver.

By ridding this organ of toxic materials, your body can finally enjoy better skin condition.

8. Try Gotu Kola.

This is another medicinal herb that not only cleanses the blood; it also helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage so that you can rid yourself of pesky cellulite.

But its benefits don’t end there.

In fact, it has shown remarkable effects on behavioral and cognitive conditions that a simple therapy may not be able to fix.

It is known as an adaptogenic herb that helps strengthen the adrenal glands and prevent illnesses related to stress.

This same mechanism can help your liver to avoid adrenaline overload in your blood.

9. Make A “Liver Rescue Juice”.

This one is a mix of several fruits and veggies that aid in liver-healing.

By simplifying your consumption of plant-based foods, you can boost up your liver functioning that ultimately leads to better skin and reduced cellulite.

This recipe calls for apples, pineapple, ginger, celery, and parsley, which you’ll blend into a juice using a juicer.

10. Cook A Kabocha Squash Soup.

Kabocha squash is loaded with vitamins and minerals that all help in maintaining better liver health.

An excellent source of beta-carotene and fiber, this veggie soup should be a mainstay in your diet if you’re aiming to reap the skin benefits resulting from cleansing your liver.

This recipe uses kabocha, veggie broth, onions, garlic cloves, curry powder, sea salt, and lime juice.


Cellulite is a beauty concern that is affecting not just the surface of your skin.

Rather, it is a manifesting effect of poor liver functioning due to toxins that the organ is not able to rid of.

So instead of investing a lot in products like topical creams, Medical Medium advises that you focus on solving the problem from within.

This means you need to revamp your diet to include foods that support liver health and detoxifies the organ.

Similarly, it is encouraged to set limits on the consumption of proteins and fats.

I hope that this blog enlightened you about the root cause of cellulite.

By understanding what goes on with your liver, you can help blast cellulite effectively and permanently.

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