12 Silk Pillowcase Benefits That Will Change Your Life

After noticing some incredible benefits after buying a silk pillowcase for my daughter, I decided I had to have one myself, and it’s been life-changing. 

12 Silk Pillowcase Benefits That Will Change Your Life

People think that silk pillowcase benefits are only a buzz being spread by linen manufacturers to lure more buyers into purchasing their products.

I admit I was skeptical at first, especially since silk is among the most expensive fabrics out there in the market.

For many average-income moms like me, fabrics of high quality and price are better suited for clothing and curtains.

But what I soon realized is that you’ll never really know until you try investing in silk bedding and pillowcases.

It may cost you a bit more than you would typically spend on cotton and wool, but I’m happy to share that I’ve changed heart about using silk pillowcases.

Mainly because I saw and experienced the advantages myself and through my daughter, whose problematic bed hair made me consider this option in the first place.

Inspired by this discovery, I’ve decided that today’s blog will be about the awesome benefits that using silk pillowcases can bring not only to your sleeping routine but also to your skin and hair.

12 Silk Pillowcase Benefits That Will Change Your Life

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1. Visibly Lessen Hair Tangles

I initially bought a silk pillowcase for my daughter to try and reduce the number of tangles in her hair.  

My 8-year-old daughter has very very long, slightly curly, fine, and very tangly hair. 

I used to spend about 20 minutes brushing her hair every single morning using a tangle-free brush.  

After I’d done that, I had to put 2 plaits in her hair that she has to wear to reduce further tangles, as her hair can immediately become extremely tangly again if she leaves it down. 

She used to have to sleep with these plaits in her hair to give me a chance of getting the kids out to school on time each morning and reduce the amount of brush I’d need to do. 

I’d heard great things about silk pillowcases but I was skeptical that it was going to make much of a difference as I assumed most of the tangles appeared during the day, not during the night. 

After the first night of her sleeping on the silk pillowcase, I was blown away by the results. 

The number of tangles in her hair had reduced by about 90% which was fantastic. 

It was so easy to brush and it only took me about 1 minute to brush her hair, saving me so much time. 

2. Reduces Frizz

Another thing I noticed was the frizziness was gone.  She used to have very frizzy hair, especially after washing her hair.  

Now there was no frizz.  Her hair was beautiful, shiny, and silky. I couldn’t believe it.

To confirm this mind-blowing discovery, I searched for medical journals that explain what actually makes this possible.

Apparently, studies have shown that silk helps reduce friction that causes kinks and split ends on your hair.

Thanks to the fabric’s luxurious smoothness, your strands glide over the pillowcase without rubbing on the fibers that usually happens with wool or cotton linens.

3. Keeps Skin Moisturized and Soft

Don’t you hate it when you’ve put on moisturizer on your face to soak overnight, only to find your cheeks feeling dry and flaky in the morning?

Don’t blame the skincare product. The culprit is your usual cotton or wool pillowcases.

Again, friction takes place as the cotton fibers often cause abrasion with your skin.

By switching to silk pillowcases, you’re guaranteed to stay moisturized and even leave your skin soft come the morning.

Your face just kind of glide over this smooth fabric as you sleep, keeping your skincare product unharmed overnight.

Now you know why celebrities wake up to soft-looking skin no matter how tired their face seemed the last night.

4. Evens Out Complexion

My daughter already has very good skin, but she has had this collection of strange white bumps under her eye for a very long time, probably about a year. 

I had no idea what they are, or how to get rid of them. 

My daughter has been asking me how to get rid of them as kids at school have been making fun of her.  

After about a week of her sleeping on this silk pillow, I’ve noticed a big reduction in the spots. 

They are fading away now which is fantastic. 

I never expected a pillow to have this kind of results. 

Needless to say, I ordered one for myself straight away, as who doesn’t want glossier hair and a better complexion? 

There are so many positive reviews for these on Amazon. 

I couldn’t believe something as simple as a pillowcase could be so effective.

When I searched online to verify my claim, I learned that silk as a fabric has the same pH levels as the hair and skin, particularly the silk fibroin component in it.

This suggests that sleeping on silk doesn’t interfere with your natural pH balance, which might trigger pigmentation and cause undesirable bumps on your face.

5. Less Acne

I know you’re baffled that a pillowcase fabric is making a claim on acne reduction.

But would you believe that there’s actually science behind the effectiveness of silk in ridding your face of acne?

Silk, specifically the silk fibroin variety, has been discovered during the war era to be an effective dressing for wounds due to its antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of pathogens.

The claim that silk pillowcases can help reduce acne is actually founded by the fact that the fabric is able to prevent the growth of bacteria, primarily the strep bacteria which causes acne.

By sleeping on it, you can be confident that your pimples won’t multiply and instead allow your anti-acne remedies to work on your face as they should.

6. Prevents Skin Creases

Silk pillowcases are perfect for sleeping on the plane because it doesn’t cause embarrassing face creases upon waking up.

I understand through physics that pressure plays a role in getting skin creases and wrinkles, but a silk fabric can reverse this condition easily.

Silk provides a natural soft cushioning for the face, which acts like a memory foam that doesn’t create pressure on your skin.

7. Breathable And Allows Sweat To Evaporate

If you’re someone who sweats during sleep, especially when having nightmares, you can best benefit from sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

This is because of its moisture-wicking properties that allow you to stay dry from sweating loads overnight.

It doesn’t feel too heavy even if you apparently soaked it up with moisture from AC’s vapor or your own sweat.

8. Reduces Hair Fall

Sleeping often causes more damage to hair than combing ever will.

This is because we put pressure on our heads as we lie on our back or on the sides.

The tendency is that the strands catch up with the wool and cotton fibers, and your tossing and turning can cause them to be pulled from your scalp.

By changing your pillowcase material to silk, you can help reduce breakage and even promote longer and healthier hair growth.

9. Eliminates Bedsores (Pressure Ulcers)

There’s a study conducted on hospital patients to understand what is causing their bedsores.

Apparently, bed linens and pillowcases contribute to these pressure ulcers.

Being soft and smooth to touch, silk is recommended to be used for treating bedsores that are very common among those who use wool and cotton bedding.

By opting for silk pillowcases, you won’t experience painful sleep that may affect your attitude throughout the day.

10. Helps With Hot Flashes

Hot flashes happen mostly among women during menopause.

For this condition, simply blasting the AC to lower temperatures may not work.

Instead, you may opt to sleep on silk pillowcases to help you feel cool throughout the night.

In fact, dermatologists and OB-gyne recommend sleeping in full silk ensemble to prevent feeling hot all over.

11. Hypoallergenic

The silk fabric has an antibacterial barrier that discourages the growth of molds and mites, which in turn can benefit your skin and respiratory health.

Some people feel allergic to common linen fabrics that they developed asthma and all sorts of allergies just by coming into contact with their bedding and pillowcases.

Because silk is hypoallergenic, you can rest assured that you’ll stay safe from allergens and potential sickness.

12. Helps With Wound Healing

As I’ve mentioned earlier, silk is among the best wound dressing materials available to war veterans and even modern medics.

But why stop there, when you can help speed up the wound recovery on your face by sleeping on a silk pillowcase?

Thanks to its soft and antibacterial qualities, silk is able to improve your facial wounds and scars much quicker.

It will also prevent unnecessary contact with piles that are commonly experienced with wool and cotton pillowcases.

13. Helps Cure Insomnia

Last but not least, silk pillowcases aids in better sleep.

This should be common sense since silk is often associated with luxury hotels and bedroom suites.

But the truth behind it is that silk induces comfortable sleep with its soft resting surface and smooth feel on the skin.

By providing you with a means to enjoy your rest, silk pillowcases promote improved sleeping quality.

How To Wash A Silk Pillowcase

To wash a silk pillowcase, you need to observe proper handling and care to avoid ruining its delicate fibers. Opt to handwash it in mild detergent under normal temperature. Dry-cleaning is also preferable than doing it with a washing machine to prevent damage to the fabric. Wash the pillowcases by turning them inside-out and hanging them to air dry.

5 Best Silk Pillowcases For Skin & Beauty Benefits

Industrial rack with golden candles

1. Ravmix Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Boasting a 100% pure mulberry silk fabric, this Ravmix’s pillowcase sells like hotcakes because of its superior quality.

It has all the benefits a silk pillowcase should give you, and its design is just a bonus.

It features a hidden zipper that doesn’t get in the way of your sleeping or scratches on your skin.

And the best thing yet is that it is silk fabric all over, unlike other pillowcases that only features the smoother material on their front sides.


2. Zimasilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

This lightweight silk pillowcase feels like air on your skin.

While it is ideal for the summer for its cooling effect, Zimasilk also gives you warmth in the winter.

Plus, it has an anti-static quality that helps you avoid “bed head” upon waking up.

Great for easier hair styling the following day.


3. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase

This silk pillowcase brand features back-to-back silk fabric surface that will allow you to “delay” washing until you’ve used both sides sufficiently.

Also, unlike other pillowcases, this comes handmade and not synthetically which means it is organically manufactured.

It also possesses all favorable benefits that you could get out of sleeping on a silk fabric pillowcase.


4. J Jimoo Natural Slip Silk Pillowcase

It features 100% mulberry silk that still contains 18 amino acids for benefitting your hair and skin.

But unlike other silk fabrics, this one is called slip for a reason: it actually glides with your skin and hair!

It may cost a little pricier compared to other brands, but it’s still a good investment for your sleeping hours.


5. SLPBaby Silk Pillowcase With Print

If you fancy printed patterns to complement your bedroom design, this is the best silk pillowcase that you should buy.

It comes in floral prints that don’t smell like chemical inks and still retains the softness of the silk fabric.

This hotel-grade pillowcase will make you “sleep like a baby”, as the brand itself claims.


The Wonderful World of Silk

The Wonderful World of Silk

From Visually.


Here are the 13 Silk Pillowcase Benefits again to remind you why they are the right choice for you:

  1. Visibly Lessen Hair Tangles
  2. Reduces Frizz
  3. Keeps Skin Moisturized And Soft
  4. Evens Out Complexion
  5. Less Acne
  6. Prevents Skin Creases
  7. Breathable And Allows Sweat To Evaporate
  8. Reduces Hair Fall
  9. Eliminates Bedsores (Pressure Ulcers)
  10. Helps With Hot Flashes
  11. Hypoallergenic
  12. Helps With Wound Healing
  13. Helps Cure Insomnia

And here are the 5 Best Silk Pillowcases, that I recommend:

  1. Ravmix Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
  2. Zimasilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
  3. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase
  4. J Jimoo Natural Slip Silk Pillowcase
  5. Slpbaby Silk Pillowcase With Print


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase and bedding often reminds of luxurious living.

However, there are actually more benefits to using it than what we’re willing to bargain for.

While they may be a little pricier compared to wool and cotton, silk pillowcases offer better sleep, skin, and hair health that they definitely deserve the VIP treatment they’re getting.

I hope that this list of silk pillowcase benefits will inspire you to make changes in your sleeping routine and welcome the health-improving perks they offer.

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