How To Use Celery Juice For Acne: Step By Step Guide

I reveal the real cause of acne, how celery juice heals acne, before and after testimonials and a step by step guide to using celery juice for acne and a recipe.

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Have you caught wind of the buzz regarding how effective celery juice for acne is? 

I bet you’re as surprised as I am now that there’s a new remedy that can put an end to your breakout woes.

And who wouldn’t love that?

I’ve met a handful of women, even teens, who wished they could be free from the physical and psychological effects of acne.

This is why I’ve decided to sit down with you today to discuss what really causes acne.

As important as knowing the enemy, I will also talk about celery juice and why it is regarded as the game-changer in the anti-acne arena.

The Real Cause Of Acne

More than just hormonal imbalance, acne is actually caused by bacteria known as streptococcus.

But this isn’t just your ordinary bacteria because it is made stronger by antibiotics.

If you can recall the last time you took those medicines, that’s probably how your acne started.

Now, this bacteria resides in the liver until the organ and lymphatic system weaken.

It will then leak into the skin layers, causing sebum to activate oil production that will stop the strep from harming your skin.

However, due to the food we consume such as dairy, eggs, gluten, canola oil, corn, and soy, strep becomes powerful that even an increase in sebum oil won’t be able to control.

The stronger the strep grows, the higher is the chance for it to survive the lymphocytes and immune cells below the epidermis.

Once it successfully evaded the lymphocytes, the bacteria climbs up the outer layer where the cystic acne start protruding on your face.

Long story short, it’s the bacteria nesting in the liver that causes your breakouts.

Benefits Of Celery Juice For Acne

You might be wondering how celery suddenly emerged as a remedy for acne.

Sure, it is a vegetable first and foremost; something forgettable other than for its purpose of spicing up your meals.

And you know what they do in the homemade community these days. They turn pantry staples into home remedies.

But celery has got more than its fair share of benefits that we are yet to uncover.

So far, what’s already been established is that celery packs a punch in terms of antioxidant content, vitamins, and minerals.

Still, according to Anthony William a.k.a. “Medical Medium”, juicing whole celery gives off a more potent effect on our body, particularly our skin.

Here’s how celery juice actually works to rid you of acne:

1) Celery Juice Is Anti-Inflammatory.

Since acne is often characterized by swelling, celery juice can help in reducing the inflammation.

This herb is actually scientifically proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties that target not only acne but also a wide range of diseases.

So even if you’re both suffering from acne and rheumatism (or any ailment that makes you sore), you can hit two birds with one stone by drinking celery juice.

2) Celery Juice Is Antibacterial.

Studies on the mechanisms of celery extracts have revealed that it has antibacterial qualities that can purge the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

According to Medical Medium, any symptom that makes you suffer for a long time can be identified as a chronic illness.

Celery, as an antibacterial ingredient, has been found to cure chronic liver and kidney diseases with continuous consumption.

Interestingly, Medical Medium cited celery juice’s sodium cluster salts as the antiseptic agents which expose and kill streptococcus bacteria that causes your acne.

So even if you’re suffering from a seemingly ‘chronic’ acne, you can still cure it with celery juice.

3) Celery Juice Counteracts Strep From Within.

Now that we know that strep breeding in your liver is responsible for your breakouts, it’s best to address the problem through ingestion of an antibacterial remedy.

Unlike with topical applications, drinking celery juice ensures better targeting of the bacteria by eliminating it from inside out.

4) Celery Juice Is Highly Concentrated.

When you juice celery, you get to extract as many nutrients and benefits as possible from the whole plant.

Hence, the chances that your strep-induced acne can be cured are high.

You just have to drink its juice for a potent dose of antibacterial effect.

5) Celery Juice Detoxifies The Body.

This juice similarly contains antioxidants that help detoxify the liver, which can prevent strep from making the organ a breeding ground.

Celery Juice For Acne Testimonials

There’s a lot of rave reviews coming from various individuals regarding the effectiveness of celery juice.

And I mean even CELEBRITIES  have joined the movement!

In fact, you can hit the search bar for “celery juice” and you’ll instantly see video testimonials.

Take Noell Downing’s word for it. She said that while she hated the taste of celery juice, it did give her an energy boost, regular bowel movement, and clearer skin.

Another testimonial comes from Josie Eleanor, who drank celery juice for about 2 weeks to see if it works on her acne. The results are fantastic, as her acne dried up and became flat.

Indeed, there are hundreds of positive reviews sprouting every now and then.

Even Instagram has gained a lot of posts relating to this juicing trend.

How To Use Celery Juice For Acne: Step By Step Guide

Medical Medium recommends that you take your celery juice first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach.

This means you’ll have to purchase your celery a day ahead to keep its freshness until juicing.

When you already have your veggie, it’s time to make the juice.

1) Wash The Whole Celery.

Organically-grown variety is preferred, but if you can’t find one, simply rinse the non-organic celery thoroughly.

2) Run The Celery Through The Juicer.

You must aim to make 16 ounces of celery juice from the amount of veggie you have. This is the recommended amount to achieve the best results.

3) Drink Immediately.

Not only will it save you from thinking twice about downing the juice, but it will also prevent possible contamination by particles in the air and oxygen itself.

Alternatively, you may use a blender to extract the juice. Simply use a cheesecloth or a strainer to drain the pulp from the juice.

Additionally, if you can’t wake up early or would be late to juice in the morning, you can prepare your juice the night before.

However, Medical Medium recommends having it fresh to enjoy optimum effects.

You can freeze the juice and thaw it in the morning to save time.

Also, an important note: Do not use other ingredients to mix with your celery juice.

I know, it seems gross. But that’s the only way you could harvest the pure healing powers of celery.

Besides, infusing sweeteners and flavorings might only counteract the effects you’re trying to achieve.

Celery Juice For Acne Recipe


  • 1 head of celery


  • Wash the celery
  • Run the whole head through your juicer
  • Drink immediately


Celery juice is a new trend that stands out from the rest with its benefits extending beyond just improving weight and fitness.

Rather, it is regarded as an ingestible solution for acne that targets the bacteria from deep within the liver.

Aside from preventing breakouts, celery juice also performs internal cleansing of toxins, which are the culprits in many chronic diseases in the first place.

Proven by celebrities and ordinary individuals, celery juice for acne just might be the next cure-all remedy for your skin and health concerns.

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