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10 Best Vegan Collagen Boosters (Powders, Supplements, Drinks)

Did you know you don’t need to eat collagen to boost collagen in your body?  Vegans can boost their own collagen levels with plant-based powders and supplements. 

Collagen Protein Supplement Powder and Vegetables

Perhaps the only downside of leading a vegetarian lifestyle is sourcing diet-suitable food and nutrients such as vegan collagen.

This is because most of the nourishment that our body needs can largely be found in animal meat and its derivatives.

However, times are changing and people have adapted well to the green living transition enough to come up with vegan varieties of meat, drinks, and even supplements.

These include collagen, which is a skin nutrient that is naturally occurring in our bodies as well as in animals.

But is there really such a thing as “vegan-friendly collagen”?

In this blog post, I’ll share with you what I learned about collagen boosters and how they can supplement your diet despite not getting this nutrient from meat consumption.

Similarly, I have made a list of vegan-approved collagen boosters that are non-animal derived yet can improve your body’s collagen production.

Is There Vegan Collagen?

There’s no such thing as vegan collagen. However, you can enhance instead your body’s natural production of collagen using boosters. These are supplements that stimulate collagen synthesis through vitamins and minerals that are linked to collagen generation.

Truth is, while it is possible for certain plant foods to contain collagen, the amount you consume from your meals may not be sufficient to replace animal-sourced quantities.

This is why I highly recommend that you supplement your diet with collagen-boosting powders, tablets, and plant extracts so you don’t have to feel left out just because you choose a cruelty-free lifestyle.

10 Best Vegan Collagen Boosters (Powders, Supplements, Drinks)

1. MyKind Organics Plant Collagen Builder Tablets

This supplement’s main selling point is that it boosts your body’s collagen production by supplementing it with co-nutrients.

Apparently, these nutrients are what creates an environment in the skin that is suitable for collagen regeneration,

MyKind Organics tablets contain silica that is harvested from bamboo extracts.

According to research, silica or silicon is necessary for collagen synthesis. By supplementing your body’s reserves of this skin and hair mineral, you consequently encourage the production of collagen.

This nutrient is beneficial on its own, being that it promotes healthy hair and skin.

Other nutrients that can be found in these tablets include biotin, pomegranate and green tea extracts.

Biotin is a co-nutrient that is responsible for increasing healthy levels of the three skin proteins namely collagen, elastin, and keratin.

Pomegranate and green tea extracts, on the other hand, serve as antioxidants that protect the skin from the damage caused by free radicals.

I recommend this supplement because it is formulated from over 30 powdered plant-based ingredients that are guaranteed organic and vegan-friendly.


2. HerbaLand Gummies For Adults Vegan Collagen Booster

Do you miss the chewable vitamins of yesteryears?

Even if you don’t, there’s no reason not to like a vegan collagen booster that comes in a gummy form.

Those who hate taking tablets have a better alternative in HerbaLand Collagen Gummies.

Indeed, it’s a delicious way to consume your collagen booster without sacrificing nutritional values.

Its effective mechanism results from the combined powers of Vitamins A and C, and L-Lysine, which all contribute to collagen synthesis.

The gummies come in watermelon flavor, making them easy to take daily.

For best results, it is recommended to take 3 gummies twice a day.


3. PlantFusion Collagen Builder Plant-Based Protein Powder

The “builder” in its name is a good giveaway if you’re curious about how it can benefit your collagen needs.

PlantFusion Protein Powder boasts of a powerhouse formulation consisting of Saberry amla fruit extracts, amino acids (proline and glycine), and plant proteins.

All of these are building blocks of collagen, hence the name.

But it doesn’t stop there.

This collagen “builder” also hydrates and protects your existing collagen network through its plant-based ceramides and white tea extracts.

It similarly prevents collagen breakdown through its hyaluronic acid content.

No wonder it deserves its name, after all.

Simply make a protein shake out of this powder and you’re good to go.


4. The Beauty Chef Organic Collagen Inner Beauty Boost Concentrate

Alternatively, if you prefer to sip your collagen booster with plain water, here’s a concentrated formulation for you.

The Beauty Chef’s Collagen Boost Concentrate is a liquid blend of papaya and “super berries”, which is further enhanced with grapeseed extract, zinc, and Vitamin C.

It works by combining the nutrients from these ingredients along with Vitamin C, which itself is an integral part of collagen stimulation.

This concentrate is also rich in antioxidants that help in the defense against cellular damage to promote healthy skin.

The suggested dosage is to use 15 ml of the liquid to be mixed with 200 ml of filtered water on a daily basis.


5. Veggie Collagen Capsules

This supplement rightfully puts the “veggie” in vegan collagen.

Using turmeric and curcumin extracts, along with biotin, Veggie Collagen works to supplement your body’s collagen production efficiently.

It contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides to ensure better absorption on skin, hair, and joints.

So not only will your skin benefit from these capsules, but also your whole body.

Additionally, it is fortified with hyaluronic acid to give sufficient hydration to your skin.


6. Veggie Collagen Liquid Drink

This one is a liquid and more concentrated form of the previous capsule formulation.

It contains the same nutrients and especially collagen that you can take easily as it is like drinking turmeric tea.


7. Anima Mundi Plant Based Collagen Booster Powder

This booster powder brings together the co-nutrients that stimulate collagen synthesis such as silica and calcium.

Its effective formulation? Just an interesting mix of ancient herbs and florals where these co-nutrients naturally occur.

You can add this powder to your daily tea, smoothie, or green juice to take advantage of its collagen-boosting qualities.


8. BioSil By Natural Factors Vegan Collagen Liquid Drops

Taking pride in its patented vegan silicon and chlorine complex, this liquid supplement can boost collagen synthesis effectively without traces of animal derivatives.

It also similarly stimulate the production of elastin and keratin so that your whole body benefits from it.

Simply add around 5-6 drops of BioSil into your 1/4 cup of beverage daily for best results.


9. Beauty Shroom Vegan Collagen Protection

What this product do is to protect the existing collagen presence in your skin.

Among its source of co-nutrients such as hyaluronic acid are rice bran and silver ear mushroom (hence the “shroom”).

And while it preserves your natural reserves of collagen, it also hydrates your skin and defends it from free radicals.


10. MicroIngredients Organic Bamboo Powder

This bamboo extract is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that support enhanced collagen production.

You can benefit from its high concentration of silica and a good dose of Vitamin C and amino acids for achieving a youthful glow on your skin.

Simply add it to your daily shake or smoothie drinks for a collagen boost.



Here is the list of 10 Best Vegan Collagen Boosters again to remind you of what they are:

  1. Mykind Organics Plant Collagen Builder Tablets
  2. Herbaland Gummies For Adults Vegan Collagen Booster
  3. Plantfusion Collagen Builder Plant-based Protein Powder
  4. The Beauty Chef Organic Collagen Inner Beauty Boost Concentrate
  5. Veggie Collagen Capsules
  6. Veggie Collagen Liquid Drink
  7. Anima Mundi Plant Based Collagen Booster Powder
  8. Biosil By Natural Factors Vegan Collagen Liquid Drops
  9. Beauty Shroom Vegan Collagen Protection
  10. Microingredients Organic Bamboo Powder


Vegans may have limited sources for body nutrients, but there are actually products in the market that are aimed towards them.

Among the vegan-friendly options that are making a mark in the skincare and beauty industry is the collagen booster.

While it’s not possible to obtain collagen naturally from sources other than animals, a “booster” can utilize nutrients that can stimulate collagen synthesis.

I hope that this clears the issue about the possibility of sourcing collagen from select vegan alternatives.

Still, by combining the powers of plant-based extracts and non-animal derived compounds, you can actually have vegan collagen that will keep your skin plump, firm, and glowing from inside out.

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