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15 Best Gua Sha Tools For The Face, Body, Cellulite & Scars

Here are the best gua sha tools for all areas of the body to reduce wrinkles and smooth out the face, relieve body tension, improve cellulite and scars. 

15 Best Gua Sha Tools For The Face, Body, Cellulite & Scars

If you scroll down Instagram #beauty posts long enough, you’re likely to come across a series of photos featuring smooth, flat stones called gua sha tools.

I get you. It sounds foreign.

Lately, the beauty and wellness industry is abuzz with ancient techniques that reportedly deliver all-natural remedies and solutions to a variety of ailments known to man.

And why won’t we trust the ways of the olden days?

Aside from the practices being successfully passed down from generation to generation, there’s actually science behind these alternative medicine treatments.

For today’s blog post, I decided to share with you my discovery of the wonders of gua sha technique, and how the tools of the trade help in dealing not only with health issues but also beauty concerns in the most effective and inexpensive way.

What Are Gua Sha Tools? 

Gua sha tools are simple handheld instruments that are based on the ancient Chinese therapeutic massage incorporating pressure and scraping of the skin. This natural therapy aims to address muscle tension, chronic pains, inflammation, and facial issues through stimulating blood circulation in areas of concern. By draining the lymphatic system and using long, “lifting” strokes, these tools help in pain and joint relief, as well as in counteracting the unsightly appearance of bloatedness and fatty tissues (such as in cellulite).

While gua sha is actually grounded on the belief of stagnant energy or “chi”, its mechanism suggests that it indeed has a good basis.

This stagnant energy could be the scar tissues that have accumulated over time through tension and injury. Or, it could be the blood stasis or stagnation of blood circulation.

The same can also be said about toxins that fail to move out of the tissues which cause bloating.

When gua sha is performed on areas of concern, it consequently allows the “energy” to move, thereby easing the body part of its inflammation and blood stagnation.

The slight bruising that a gua sha tool creates is not a cause for alarm.

It is just an indication that the blood is circulating efficiently and the scar tissues are being broken down to release tension.

Benefits Of Gua Sha Tools

Nearly all possible illness linked to inflammation and poor blood circulation can be addressed by using gua sha tools.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the mechanism of gua sha technique brings about such effects that are comparable to hundred-dollars worth of spa and beauty treatments.

Here are the benefits of gua sha tools as proven by a handful of research studies:

1. They Provide Relief From Muscle Pain.

2. They Aid In Improving Movement In The Joints.

3. They Help Lift Sagging Skin And Eliminate Wrinkles.

4. They Relieve Symptoms Of Near Menopause.

5. They Soothe Headaches And Migraine.

6. They Aid In Muscle Recovery During Post-Workout.

7. They Bring A Natural Flush In Your Cheeks.

8. They Move Or Push Blemishes Away From The Skin Surface.

9. They Relieve Internal Inflammation Of Organs.

10. They Soothe The Mind.

11. They Reduce Symptoms of Tourette Syndrome.

12. They Help Remove Tummy Flabs And Cellulite.

How To Use Gua Sha Tools

Performing gua sha technique may seem like a no-brainer and thus can be easily carried out. 

While the procedure is indeed simple, you’ll need to consider the right handling of the gua sha tools, as well as their proper application for treating specific issues.

Hence, I have put together the following steps for you to take note when using gua sha tools:

1. Apply Oil Or Serum First.

If it is your arms and legs that need pain relief, you should slather some oil on these parts before using a gua sha tool.

The same applies to the facial application. You need to put oil or serum on your clean face first.

This is to allow the tool the smooth-edged stones to glide over the skin without difficulty.

It will also let the oils to be absorbed more effectively by the skin as the gua sha is being performed.

2. You May Need To Position Properly.

For back pain, you might need an extra pair of hands and be required to lie face down.

Otherwise, you may want to lie on your back, especially if you’re targeting your tummy and chest area.

It’s okay to sit up when you just need gua sha treatment on your legs and arms.

As for face application, you can sit up (or in front of your vanity) to avoid putting pressure on your arms while lying down.

3. Know The Right Strokes For Specific Health Concerns.

For boosting circulation, press the tool and stroke over the chest with eight long sweeps in an upward motion.

For relieving muscle tension on the neck area, press and stroke the tool along the length of the neck and shoulder, sweeping eight times per side.

For soreness and “facelift”, apply pressure on the tool and stroke in long, lifting movement in an outward direction.

4. Hold The Gua Sha Tool Flatly And A Little Angled Against Your Skin.

You shouldn’t hold it like you’re aiming at your skin and cutting it.

This especially goes for stainless steel gua sha tools. They may have smooth edges, yet improper handling might cause injuries.

5. Add A Little More Oil In Case Of Friction.

Don’t risk using the tool without enough oil.

You might end up jagging your skin as you take a swipe across your body parts.

6. Disinfect Your Tools After Every Use.

Impurities may accumulate on the edges of your gua sha tools, so it’s advisable to clean them afterward.

For crystal or stone tools, you can use a mild dishwashing liquid and warm water for cleaning.

Dry the tools with a clean cloth and put away safely as they may be fragile.

For stainless steel tools, you may opt to use a damp cloth and wipe on the edges.

15 Best Gua Sha Tools For The Face, Body, Cellulite & Scars

1. Zen + Origin Premium Jade Roller And Gua Sha Set (For The Face)

This set combines the facelifting powers of a jade roller and a gua sha stone to help erase your wrinkles and tighten your sagging skin.

With dual-ended rollers that don’t squeak, it makes the process easier for even a newbie.

Use the longer portion for your cheeks and jaws, while the shorter one is ideal for reaching small areas such as the brow bones and under eyes.

The gua sha stone’s shape enables anti-slip grip and each edge can perform lifting at various angles.

I recommend this for its stain-resistant quality, which makes it easy to clean.


2. MelodySusie Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool Set (For The Face And Body)

This 3-piece gua sha set is ideal for contouring your jawline, relieving your neck pain, and soothing your tired arms and feet.

With 3 different shapes, these gua sha tools efficiently target areas of concern without difficulty. 

You can angle the tool according to the shape of your face and body parts with relative ease.

I like that this set offers a variety of ways to use the tools based on the user’s needs.

They can stimulate acupoints and give relieve you of muscle pain.

Plus, they are made with the natural rose quartz stone that makes them squeal-worthy.


3. Rosenice Aventurine Gua Sha Scraping Board (For Nose Bridge, Neck, And Chin)

This 100% natural jade scraping board is ideal for performing gua sha on the nose to relieve the sinuses, especially if they are clogged.

Thanks to its heart-shaped cut, this gua sha tool is similarly useful for targeting the neck along the throat as well as the chin.

I recommend this for its thicker material compared to most traditional gua sha boards.


4. Jovivi Natural Rose Quartz And Green Aventurine Mushroom-Shaped Gua Sha Tools (For Facial Massage)

These gua sha stones may appear like they can’t handle much work, but they have proven their users that they are effective in stimulating blood circulation across the face.

I especially recommend these gua sha mushroom stones for their ability to target narrow areas of the face such as the brow bones, under eyes, and upper lips.

They are also effective in relieving headaches and migraine by gliding the sphere edge around the temples.

With such a design, they can easily be manipulated just like holding a knob.


5. Illumina Beauty Gua Sha 4-Edge Scraper Tool (For The Under Eyes)

Its jagged edge is noted for its ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which makes it perfect for eliminating the puffiness of the cheeks and especially the under-eye area.

The bow side is best used for your chin, jawline, and nose bridge.

While the shorter side of the scraper is ideal for tight areas of the face, the long curved side can be used for contouring.


6. LOPTON Medical Stainless Steel Gua Sha Massage Tool (For The Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, and Legs)

This tool might not resemble your typical gua sha stone, but its medical-grade design and functionality make it a good instrument for relieving pains in the muscles and joints.

I love that it has holes within the length of its curvy body for easier handling.

The innovative design allows it to target acupoints and give lasting relief to soreness and inflammation.

Also, since it is made of stainless steel, it’s not fragile, unlike the precious quartz and jade boards you commonly use.


7. Endiglow Medical-Grade Stainless Steel IASTM Tool (For The Body)

Granted, it is specially designed for chiropractors and professional use.

But it is similarly applicable for home gua sha treatment with its construction that resembles a scraper.

It’s medical-grade, too, which means it is being used by practitioners for IASTM or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization.

IASTM procedure is similar to gua sha technique, and with this tool, you can achieve immediate relief from soreness of the muscles.


8. H-Brotaco Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Soft Tissue Therapy Tool (For Arms And Legs)

Yet another medical-grade gua sha tool in this list, it is highly recommended for use on your arms and legs because it is non-static.

This means that you can glide across the length of your limbs without your hair becoming static which causes an occasional sharp, tingling sensation.


9. Kimkoo 3-in-1 Kit Jade Rollers And Gua Sha Tool (For The Face)

This set consists of one smooth-surface jade roller, one ridged roller, and a piece of gua sha tool.

While the jade roller and gua sha tool are already mentioned in this list, the inclusion of a ridged roller makes it recommendable for stimulating blood circulation around the face.

It similarly relieves skin tension to provide a relaxing facial massage.


10. AVROX 7″ Bian Stone Gua Sha Tool (For The Neck, Back, And Leg)

Want to take your gua sha tool to the gym without it looking too dainty for post-workout massage?

Then this dark-hued Bian stone gua sha scraper is ideal for you.

With a comfortable length of 7 inches, it is easier to grip than traditional gua sha tools.

It is also able to cover your calf area, the round of your neck, and the expanse of your back.


11. Jovivi 100% Handmade Buffalo Horn Gua Sha Scraper And Board (For Tummy)

If you want to try a different take to gua sha tools, then this horn and scalpel-like board is a good investment.

By stimulating lymphatic drainage, these tools can almost resemble a non-invasive version of liposuction surgery.

The horn is chiseled well so that it only scapes but not hurt you.

On the other hand, the board can be used not only around the tummy but also in other areas of the body.


12. Myofascial Tools Stainless Steel Multipurpose IASTM Tool (For Arms And Legs)

Pressed for time? Then give your arms and legs a few quick swipes with this double-beveled stainless steel tool.

Because of its design, it allows you to work on both sides of your limbs with ease.

Also, it has a design similar to a grater, but that allows you to have a better grip while putting pressure on your muscles.


13. Fullwei Jade Scraping Tool Comb (For Buttocks)

Remember when dry brushing your cellulite became a popular technique?

This jade comb mimics the same mechanism in boosting lymphatic drainage to rid you of unsightly, pimply fats beneath your buttocks.

It also stimulates blood circulation around the area so your rump looks firmer.


14. AND Massager Yellow Horn Face Scraping Tool (For The Face)

Beyond its unique aesthetics, this 100% natural ox horn scraper makes use of its shape to effectively contour your cheeks and make your face look slimmer.

I like that it combined the jobs of a scraper, acupoint massager, and an anti-puffiness tool.

You can use the crescent part for targeting the eye area, while the curved portion is good for facial massage.

Additionally, the dot serves to pull acupoint for muscle treatment.


15. CrystalTears Tiger’s Eye Healing Crystal Pointed Stick Massage Tool

This tool resembles a pen that you can take with you anywhere (yes, it’s not made of precious stone!).

While it is crafted from resin, its design allows you to target acupuncture points and stimulate blood flow to your aching body parts.

Additionally, it is effective at covering hard-to-reach and sensitive areas like the under-eyes and upper lip.



Gua sha may be a thing of the past, but its practicality and proven results make it come back in popularity among beauty and wellness communities.

If you think your concerns are nothing but due to stagnant energy or poor blood circulation, you can use gua sha tools that target specific areas of the body.

They can be applied to conditions including but not limited to muscle and joint pains, sagging skin, cellulite, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Here are the 15 Best Gua Sha Tools For The Face, Body, Cellulite & Scars:

  1. Zen + Origin Premium Jade Roller And Gua Sha Set
  2. MelodySusie Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool Set
  3. Rosenice Aventurine Gua Sha Scraping Board
  4. Jovivi Natural Rose Quartz And Green Aventurine Mushroom-Shaped Gua Sha Tools
  5. Illumina Beauty Gua Sha 4-Edge Scraper Tool
  6. LOPTON Medical Stainless Steel Gua Sha Massage Tool
  7. Endiglow Medical-Grade Stainless Steel IASTM Tool
  8. H-Brotaco Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Soft Tissue Therapy Tool
  9. Kimkoo 3-in-1 Kit Jade Rollers And Gua Sha Tool
  10. AVROX 7″ Bian Stone Gua Sha Tool
  11. Jovivi 100% Handmade Buffalo Horn Gua Sha Scraper And Board
  12. Myofascial Tools Stainless Steel Multipurpose IASTM Tool
  13. Fullwei Jade Scraping Tool Comb
  14. AND Massager Yellow Horn Face Scraping Tool
  15. CrystalTears Tiger’s Eye Healing Crystal Pointed Stick Massage Tool

I hope that this guide to gua sha tools will give you ideas on how to incorporate the ancient Chinese technique into your self-care practices so you can achieve holistic beauty and wellbeing.

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