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20 Woman Cave Ideas: How To Create A Self Care Sanctuary

How to transform any area of your home into a woman cave, she shed, lady cave or she shack. These ideas will help you create a self-care, pamper sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, make DIY beauty recipes, invite friends over and experience pure bliss. 

20 Woman Cave Ideas: How To Create A Self Care Sanctuary

Have you ever browsed your Instagram feed and happen to see a series of posts related to woman cave ideas?

I bet you wished you could spend a day or two in those little corners they call a sanctuary.

And why not? These days, it’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos of everyday life.

Chores, office tasks, and errands would always test your limits and energy.

A little pampering every now and then doesn’t hurt.

In fact, it encourages re-energizing so you can tackle whatever life throws at you with calm and ease.

But why look further, when you can turn a piece of your home into your own private retreat?

Today, I’ll show you some inspirations for creating your little personal nook.

This way, you can always have some private time to resync your mind and body and gain a healthy balance of work and leisure.

20 Woman Cave And She Shed Ideas

If Christian Grey can build a “pleasure room”, why not give it your own, wholesome version?

This guide might seem like an interior design catalog, but I’m hoping you can pick an idea or two to incorporate to your own lady cave project.

So ready to feast your eyes and take down notes as I share a few tips on how you can achieve an effect similar to these space inspirations.

1. Revamp Your Attic Into An Inviting Private Sanctuary.


Its posh furniture and lighting might make you think it’s a lounge area, but the shape of the room’s corners obviously suggests otherwise.

Yes, it’s the attic.

The trick is to transfer all the old stuff that is gathering dust in the attic into another available room–preferably a storage room.

You may even donate some to charity or hold a garage sale so your past belongings can find a new home.

This sounds like a #MarieKondo effect, but the truth is, you can only make one more room in the house by freeing it of unused stuff.

And the attic just seems like the most ideal hideout due to its restricted zone and an “enveloping” atmosphere.

So dust off your attic and begin planning the layout.

I’ve found some items similar to the ones in the photo inspo so you can cop the look:

An L-shaped convertible couch is ideal for when you also plan to gather a small group for some pampering. It can be used as your regular lounging sofa or an extra bed for sleepovers.

As for lighting, your attic window may cast some sunshine, which can save on utility bills. But for a nighttime retreat, you may want to purchase this flush-mount ceiling light that both exudes glamour and rustic charm.

 2. Use The Under Stairs Space.

Don’t worry if your house doesn’t come with an attic or if it’s impossible to relocate the stuff up there.

You can use that tiny space under the stairs as a mini-pampering station where you can do your mani’s or just lounge around with a book in tow.

Invest in a good mattress that fits snuggly in the corner. You may need to have it tailor-made for accurate measurements.

For your overhead light, opt for a contemporary wall lamp that casts a silver glow which is perfect for reading. Use a bulb that has subdued light if you prefer to just relax in the corner.

Finish off the layout with a few throw pillows to keep you comfy. Best if you can add a cylindrical pillow for lumbar support.

3. Build A DIY Pergola Kit


If all rooms are occupied and you’re stuck with your limited floor space, take your woman cave OUTSIDE THE HOUSE.

Yes, if a woman cave for you means having as much space as you want, you can use the vacant plot in your yard to build a pergola.

You can buy a pergola kit and ask for your hubby’s assistance when building it from the ground up.

If shading is a concern, you can grow vines that can run through the beams and lattice “roof”.

Prop a pair of wooden chairs and a rustic coffee table so you can take a relaxing afternoon break, sipping your tea or lemon water.

4. Invest In Furnishings.


Wherever you plan to build your woman cave–provided you have ample space–I highly recommend that you make it as comfortable as possible.

That said, you may have to invest in furniture that reminds you of holiday getaways and of serene surroundings.

In this photo, the main focus is the wicker hammock that is suspended from a beam. 

Unless you trust how your house is built, I recommend that you try a similar, Bali-inspired wicker hammock that has a stand.

This way, you can sway in your seat without fear of collapsing on the floor.

Also, you may add a contemporary accent chair in your room similar to the woven chair in the photo. It reminds me of tropical getaways with its wicker material.

5. Takeover The Idle Tool Shed Or Garden Shed.


If you think you could use the space in the tool shed for a better purpose like a she shed, you should talk to your hubby about converting it as one.

Basically, you just re-organize the stuff already stored in the shed and make ample room for your own furnishings.

The photo inspiration is ideal if you enjoy entertaining guests, especially your girlfriends who share the same love for spa and sleepovers.

It’s a shabby chic design that suits most common layouts of tool and garden sheds.

Simply hang fairy lights across the walls of the shed and light them up in the evening.

You may also hang decorative balls from the ceiling to add a touch of whimsical.

Finally, add a sofa suite that complements the rustic feel of your shed.

6. Work Your Furnishings Around An Specific Theme.

Feeling a little adventurous? Why not try a bohemian theme for your woman cave?

This is especially recommended if you’re also into boho lifestyle that suggests campfire sessions, tarot readings, yoga, music therapy, and the arts.

To do this, you might want to check out this adult teepee-inspired lace tent that can fit up to five persons. It’s good for sitting and lounging, and its fabric material can protect you from mosquitoes.

Simply spread over a plush or boho rug so you can sit comfortably crossed-legged.

Throw in a few square pillows and Moroccan poufs to inject bohemian vibes into your woman cave.

7. Set Camp In The Basement.


Take a cue from this photo inspiration. It features sterile white surfaces which made the basement look like any other rooms in the house.

Paint the walls and low ceilings of your basement with fresh colors that give an illusion of a spacious room.

Also, use collapsible canvas organizers to store your spa supplies.

Stock on a few deep buckets for your foot soak sessions. When not in use, you can store foot soak items in there, too.

Finally, illuminate the whole basement with industrial pendant chandeliers that also create an illusion of a high ceiling.

8. Take Your Books To Your Woman Cave.


If you’re a certified book lover, you’ll want to build a woman cave that can hold your collection of paperbacks and hardbound.

I suggest that you create a mini library in your preferred room or just a nook in your bedroom.

Preferably, use the attic or the basement like in this photo, especially if the amount of books you’ve owned is enough to make a home office.

You can either have the shelves customized to specific measurements or simply buy a ready-made bookshelf that has a collapsible bed. This is ideal for keeping your books in handy as you sit comfortably on a mattress that you can later sleep on.

9. Upgrade Your Vanity Mirror.


Since you’re likely to spend time trying on a few natural cosmetics and beauty products, it’s best to invest in a vanity desk that feels like a Hollywood superstar dressing room.

I suggest that you buy a vanity mirror with built-in light bulbs so your face is illuminated perfectly as you do your makeup or skincare routine.

Penny-pinching? You can simply transform your current vanity mirror by attaching removable bulbs around your mirror.

10. Level Up Your Bed.


No amount of furnishings can come close to the comfort a bed can offer. This is why you should prioritize upgrading it into a dreamy sanctuary.

If you plan to install another bed for your own woman cave room, I recommend buying a canopy bed frame that is ideal for adorning with canopy curtains for an ethereal and royalty vibes.

11. Hang A Canopy Mosquito Net.


Can’t afford to buy a new bed yet? Simply hang from the ceiling a canopy tent that also protects you from insect bites.

12. Take The Indoors Outdoors.


This photo shows a portion of the greenhouse furnished with lounging couches.

Isn’t it a great way to commune with nature while still enjoying the luxury of the indoors?

To get this look, turn a corner of your greenhouse into a personal space where you can lounge around with your friends.

Fill the nook with a metal daybed frame that is fitted with a fabric-encased bench cushion.

Add a few log-shaped pillows for lumbar support.

13. Build An Adult Tree House.

If you want a sanctuary that reminds you of easygoing childhood but with adult flair, your best bet is to build a she shed on a tree.

This photo shows how you can furnish the interiors of your tree house she shack.

You can attach a quilted fabric hammock to the walls so you can lounge comfortably while reading a book or listening to music.

Keep a round stool and a table in handy so you can have a leisurely afternoon coffee in your she shack.

14. Install Your Wall Visuals.

Add a hint of pop art into your woman cave by installing paintings that liven up the room.

Check out this Marilyn Monroe wall decor that adds personality to your interiors.

Couple it with pillow covers of the same pop art theme like these retro images of Marilyn Monroe.

Aren’t they diva-ish?

15. Build A Bay Window Seat.


You don’t have to spend a fortune just trying to build a quaint little corner you can call your private sanctuary.

Even if your house design doesn’t include a bay window for you to look out through, you can simply convert any windows into one by building a wooden bench that spreads across the length of the wall.

Leave shelf-like holes beneath so you can store pampering items within reach.

Then you can furnish it with a bay window cushion and anti-slip mat.

Check out these woven storage boxes where you can put your stuff in.

Finally, install a pair of decorative wall lamps so you can use overhead lighting for reading.

16. Take Over The Patio.


If you have been blessed with a patio, you can turn it into a spa-friendly lounge where you can have your back massage, read a book, and even take a nap.

To get the same look as in the photo, I recommended getting a pair of reclining wicker rattan chaise so you can enjoy spa treatments with your friend.

17. Create Your Own Niche In The Garage.

Your garage might still be in use for parking your car, but it doesn’t mean you can’t turn one of its corners into a quaint pampering nook.

The photo inspiration shows how you can divide the space with your family vehicle without compromising parking room and your private space.

While this garage design might probably be worth thousands of dollars, you can simply clear up the floor area and plan the new layout.

Repaint the interiors with fresh hues and use recessed lighting fixtures to illuminate the whole space.

Once you’ve decided which side of the garage you’re going to take over, I suggest that you buy a pair of cube sofa chairs so you can entertain guests or lounge around for relaxation.

Couple it with a French oak coffee table that can hold your drinks and accent pieces like a potted succulent.

18. Create A Workshop Or A Crafts Room.

This is especially useful if you enjoy concocting beauty and skincare recipes.

You’ll need room to hold all your measuring cups, bowls, spatulas, and other craft supplies that you can lay over a work desk.

If your guest room is lying idle, turn it into your own crafts room. Or, you may also want to build a shed in the yard so you’re more inspired to work looking at the views through the windows.

Mount a display shelf on the walls for decorative purposes.  Bigger and heavier items can be stored in freestanding compartmental shelf below your desk like in the photo.

19. Unleash Your Inner Diva.


Take inspiration from this photo which shows a living room-like setup of a woman cave.

Given the ample space, you can live out your superstar dreams–at least by spoiling yourself with girly furnishings and decors.

Use faux fur cover pads for your seats or buy a ready-made fur stool so you and your guests can have comfortable seating.

Convert a cushioned ottoman into a coffee table (of course, you’ll use coasters for spill protection!) and voila! You have a perfectly laid out girly space.

20. Take The Outdoors Indoors.


Alternatively, you may opt to keep potted plants in your room, but display them in a fashionable way.

Plants not only help regulate the air in the room, but they also give you a sense of oneness with nature even without stepping into your garden.

Check out this lovely honeycomb wall shelves that are sturdy enough to hold your potted succulents and plants.


It doesn’t take a lot of budget or time just to carve out a personal space you can call a sanctuary for pampering.

All you have to do is pour out your creative juices into the planning of room layouts.

Practically any rooms in and outside of your house can be converted easily into a little nook where you can relax and have that much-needed “me time” once in a while.

Here are the 20 Woman Cave Ideas: How To Create A Self Care Sanctuary:

1. Revamp Your Attic Into An Inviting Private Sanctuary.
2) Use The Under Stairs Space.
3) Build A DIY Pergola Kit
4) Invest In Furnishings.
5) Takeover The Idle Tool Shed Or Garden Shed.
6) Work Your Furnishings Around An Specific Theme.
7) Set Camp In The Basement.
8) Take Your Books To Your Woman Cave.
9) Upgrade Your Vanity Mirror.
10) Level Up Your Bed.
11) Hang A Canopy Mosquito Net.
12) Take The Indoors Outdoors.
13) Build An Adult Tree House.
14) Install Your Wall Visuals.
15) Build A Bay Window Seat.
16) Take Over The Patio.
17) Create Your Own Niche In The Garage.
18) Create A Workshop Or A Crafts Room.
19) Unleash Your Inner Diva.
20) Take The Outdoors Indoors.

I hope that these awesome hacks can help you achieve optimum relaxation experience in your newfound hideout.

You just need to infuse these woman cave ideas into your own version of a pampering home sanctuary.

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