23 Best She Shed Accessories And Interior Decor

The best she shed accessories, decor, and interior ideas. These photos and designs will help you decorate your perfect she shed on a budget. 

She Shed Ideas

Move over, man caves.

Here comes she sheds that will surely redefine your idea of a garden retreat and make you want to build one.

I used to envy men for having their own “caves” for relaxation when women have more reasons to create such personal space.

For one, we attend to everyday house chores, errands, child rearing, and even work obligations.

Technically speaking, women have more physically and mentally-exhausting tasks to do on a daily basis.

That alone qualifies us to have some sort of a hideaway to recollect ourselves and have some privacy to do what we love.

Whether it’s crafting, pampering, lounging, reading, or plain old work tasks, you should definitely try building your own she shed.

To get you started, here are some accessories and interior decors that will surely transform your nook into an ideal retreat.

23 Best She Shed Accessories And Interior Decor

If you’ve already built your she shed, you should browse through these squeal-worthy decors and accessories to adorn your space.

But not until you’ve decided on a theme or purpose.

It’s essential that you establish first how you’re going to use your garden retreat.

Once decided, you can easily determine which items go into decorating the space.

Here are some ideas:

1. Antler Chandelier

A conversation piece is something that draws you and your guests’ attention upon entering the she shed.

But more than anything, it gives you something to talk about; hence the term.

The antler chandelier is a great piece to hang on the ceiling not just for night illumination, but also for its decorative purpose.

While it is reminiscent of a hunting lodge, deer antler’s design mimics the design of a more expensive chandelier.

Still, it retains the cabin chic appeal, which is commonly observed in many she shed interior design.

Check out this similar deer antler chandelier that has candleholder-like LED lights.

It is energy-efficient, too, which means you can stay in your shed with lights on through the entire night.


2. Macrame Wall Hangings

Are you into bohemian vibes?

Then these macrame wall hangings can fit the bill.

They look rustic yet with a tinge of luxe because of the intricate pattern.

Use them to fill the wide space between walls when you prefer to make your space look minimalist.

They break the monotony by adding a dash of whimsy and creativeness reflected by these knotted tapestries.


3. Letter Signage

By this, I mean adding letter signage of your own preferred message.

The interior design in this photo is a she shed built in the coastal area.

Thus, it incorporates signage that reminds you every day of the sea, which gives the space a unique, personal appeal.

Even if you just have a garden shed, you can add a signature touch to it by posting name signage.

You can start with a set of wooden alphabet letter decors and spell out your message or name across the wall.


4. Seascape-Inspired Centerpiece

Did you see the clamshell centerpiece propped on the table in this photo?

It’s featured in the same coastal-themed she shed I’ve mentioned earlier.

When you’ve decided on a theme, it’s always a requirement to work your decors around it.

That said, the clamshell decor complements the seaside theme of the shed.

If you want to cop this look, I’ve discovered a giant clamshell bowl that you can use to hold trinkets or as a serving platter for your finger foods.

It’s a pretty ware to use whenever your friends come over to hang out or catch up.


5. Organizer Boxes

If you’re into arts and crafts, DIY recipes, or writing, it’s important to keep things organized.

Check out these woven water hyacinth organizer boxes that can keep your workspace clutter-free.

Store your utensils, brushes, and even folders in these boxes so you’ll know where to find them easily.


6. Wooden Beaded Chandelier

You might be hearing “low-key” a lot from the younger people, but it simply refers to the quality of being subdued or not really flashy.

I used this term because it perfectly fits the description of this chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Instead of a hotel-grade crystal chandelier, why not try a rustic approach to design by furnishing your shed with a wooden beaded one?

It’s a she shed-approved decor that is neither flashy nor too shabby. In fact, it adds a sophisticated charm to your space like how it did in this photo.

To get the look, check out this boho-inspired wooden bead chandelier and make sure you adorn your shed with clean linens or white furniture.

This will create a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation.


7. Indoor Hammock

If lounging is what you’ll be doing most of the time, I recommend getting a hammock that serves as a swinging seat.

I’ve found a similar round macrame hammock that can perfectly suit any she shed theme and even the more glamorous ones.


8. Outdoor Umbrella

If your yard is expansive and can still accommodate outdoor lounging chairs, make sure to add shade by installing a removable outdoor umbrella.

This is ideal not only for sunny days but also when it gets crowded in your she shed.


9. Artificial Wisteria Vines

Do you fancy an open shed with wisteria vines dangling from the roof?

I know, we all want such a magical charm in our garden.

To recreate this look, I suggest that you buy artificial wisteria vines that you can modify according to your wall structures and beams.


10. Fuzzy Throw Pillows


Do you love plush and pile rugs?

Then incorporate these two textures into the lounging area of your shed.

It gives a shabby chic appeal to your space.

Check out these similar fuzzy throw pillows to recreate the look.


11. Bohemian Fabric Tapestry


This is a safe way to adorn your blank walls.

You can put it on and take it down as you wish, which eliminates the hassle of using wallpaper and permanent paint.

If you love bohemian-themed decors, check out this similar elephant bohemian tapestry to achieve the look as in the photo.


12. Lace Curtains


These sheer panels of fabric can add an ethereal ambiance to your she shed.

It doesn’t have to be just for windows, but you can also use lace curtains as partitions in places where you need some privacy.


13. Heart-Shaped Pillow


I keep seeing this she shed accessory in almost every inspiration boards and IG feeds.

Apparently, it can give your space a personality; something that announces to outsiders that you’ve owned the place.

That is if you’re a girl at heart who still squeal over cutesy stuff like a heart-shaped fuzzy pillow.


14. Workstation Essentials


Crafty ladies, here’s an idea that can ensure a steady flow of creative juices for your upcoming projects.

Clear a space near a window of your shed and set up your work desk.

It doesn’t matter whatever tasks you’re going to work on. The main point is to make it exclusive for your personal use.

Check out this wicker chair and curve-legged drawer desk that mimic the look in the photo.


15. Tufted Plush Headboard


If your budget allows, go all-out glamorous by installing a tufted plush headboard on the end of your bed.

This instantly makes the room feel like a Holywood suite.

But don’t worry if you can’t afford it yet.

There’s this plush headboard that doubles as a lumbar pillow. You can adjust its position according to the support you need while you lounge in your bed.


16. Wall Portraits


To inject a modern touch, wall decors such as portrait canvas must be on your furnishing list.

This is especially true if you’re a creative person and have a fine taste in the arts.


17. Bohemian Area Rug


Missing the feel of the carpet on your soles?

Then buy a round, bohemian area rug that doubles as a decorative piece for your floor.


18. Mason Jar Pendant Lighting


If you’re crafting DIY projects and homemade recipes, it’s impossible that you don’t get to use mason jars as keepsakes and containers.

Do you know what else you can do with it? Yes, you can illuminate these jars to serve as nighttime shed lighting.

But you don’t need to bother with assembling the wires and bulbs.

You can simply purchase a mason jar pendant lighting that comes in 3’s so you can get more illumination around the shed.


19. Crystal Pendant Chandelier


If you want contrasting she shed accessories, you may do so by mix-matching rustic furnishings with a posh-looking crystal pendant chandelier.

Like in the photo, it blends well with the shabby chic theme of the shed and even highlights itself.


20. Modern Industrial Ceiling Light Fixture


If you want to play various design concepts such as combining contemporary and girly furnishings, you can try this modern industrial lighting that has a quirky assembly.

It’s also perfect when you don’t want things dangling from the ceiling like in a typical chandelier.

It’s like Einstein-meets-Jane interior layout!


21. Succulent Pots


These can also serve as decorative wares that you display somewhere in your she shed.

When shopping for pots to use for your succulents, opt for ceramic pots with bamboo trays so as to prevent spilling soil and water all over the shelf.


22. Lighted Dreamcatcher Decor


Another boho pick is this decorative dreamcatcher with fairy lights.

While it may not be effective in making you avoid unpleasant dreams, it does provide subtle lighting that could replace your bedside lamp.


23. Lighted Tree Branch Centerpiece


This illuminated birch tree branch decor can be used as either a table lamp or a centerpiece.

It makes for an autumn-inspired look in your she shed.



Women need their own private space just as much as men do.

Every once in a while, you need to take a break from the stress brought by daily living.

That’s what a she shed is for: a space for solitude and relaxation.

This is why you should pour your heart and soul into its design.

Here are the 23 Best She Shed Accessories And Interior Decor:

1) Antler Chandelier

2) Macrame Wall Hangings

3) Letter Signage

4) Seascape-Inspired Centerpiece

5) Organizer Boxes

6) Wooden Beaded Chandelier

7) Indoor Hammock

8) Outdoor Umbrella

9) Artificial Wisteria Vines

10) Fuzzy Throw Pillows

11) Bohemian Fabric Tapestry

12) Lace Curtains

13) Heart-Shaped Pillow

14) Workstation Essentials

15) Tufted Plush Headboard

16) Wall Paintings

17) Bohemian Area Rug

18) Mason Jar Pendant Lighting

19) Crystal Pendant Chandelier

20) Modern Industrial Ceiling Light Fixture

21) Succulent Pots

22) Lighted Dreamcatcher Decor

23) Lighted Tree Branch Centerpiece

I hope that this guide will inspire you to get creative when it comes to your very own she shed.

You can tweak and mix-and-match these popular she shed accessories to suit your taste and the purpose of building your personal sanctuary.

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