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Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne

This purifying lime and sugar scrub has numerous benefits for reducing acne, pimples and even acne scars. Discover why it’s been proven to work so well.

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne

This purifying lime and sugar scrub is something I tried making recently, and I was surprised to see its numerous benefits for reducing acne, pimples and even acne scars.

Don’t you find it fascinating how a few pantry ingredients have more uses than just improving our food?

I do, too.

As I make all my own personal care products I love how easy it is to raid my pantry for natural remedies that will soothe my skin and rid it of harmful stuff.

One of the best discoveries I’ve had is how lime, sugar and coconut oil can all help me achieve clearer skin.

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne

Let’s find out what science has to say about this awesome combo.

Benefits Of Lime For The Skin

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne; Fresh Organic Lime

As lemon’s not-so-distant cousin, lime doesn’t seem to get celebrity treatment from chefs.

However, recent studies have suggested that lime actually has more benefits than it is credited for.  Skincare is just one of those.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are some of the clinically-proven benefits of lime for achieving healthy skin.

1) Lime Aids In Anti-Aging

You’ve probably been advised about the high Vitamin C content found in citrus fruits.

Lime has it in excess which helps trigger collagen production necessary for maintaining the suppleness of the skin.

By helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles caused by oxidative stress, you can achieve younger-looking skin.

2) Lime Is A Natural Astringent

As a natural astringent, lime helps to dry oily skin, minimizes pores, and reduces the swelling of pimples.

This makes it ideal for treating acne and prevents it from even occurring.

3) Lime Is Antibacterial

On the same note, lime’s antibacterial properties make it effective in preventing the accumulation of bacteria-causing acne.

They target the skin that is prone to breakouts by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in open pores.

4) Lime Helps Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Thanks to citric acid, lime can be used as a natural exfoliant for removing dead skin cells that give the appearance of a dull and damaged epidermis.

Exfoliation promotes the growth of new cells, revealing healthy skin afterward.

It also prevents the pores from getting clogged with bacteria and dirt, which is what causes the breakouts in the first place.

5) Lime Controls Oil On Your Face

The acidic nature of lime helps dry your face just enough to avoid looking oily all over.

Similarly, the reduced oil production can prevent sebum from building up in your pores, therefore limiting the chance of breakouts.

6) Lime Is A Natural Bleaching Agent

The same acid found in lime can create a natural bleaching effect, which means you get to have a brighter skin tone with continuous use.

On the same note, lime inhibits the production of melanin, which is responsible for the appearance of dark spots.

By lightening the dark areas of your skin, you can achieve an even complexion.

7) Lime Helps Treat Bruises

Lime is a natural anti-inflammatory solution that reduces the appearance of swelling and bruising on the skin.

8) Lime Reduces Body Odor

Citrus fruits are known to have a zesty aroma, which makes them ideal for combating body odor.

Lime is no exception as it promotes a clean-smelling fragrance courtesy of its acid content.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For The Skin

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne; Background of glass jar, coconut, coconut shell, oil in clay bow

By now, you’ve probably been told how the whole coconut plant is beneficial for your health.

That’s true, and skincare is not an exception.

Here’s why you can benefit from using coconut oil for your skin.

1) Coconut Oil Is Hydrating And Moisturizing

Thanks to linoleic acid found in its healthy fats, coconut oil helps promote skin hydration and moisturization.

2) Coconut Oil Is Anti-Microbial And Anti-Fungal

Studies have found that coconut oil’s lauric acid and monolaurin content can kill dangerous pathogens that damage not only skin cells but also your body’s composition.

It has also been discovered to treat candida infection, a fungal growth that causes itchy rashes on the skin.

3) Coconut Oil Is Anti-Aging

It has antioxidants that help fight free radicals which affect the skin’s appearance and making it suffer from wrinkles and dark spots.

It is also a good source of Vitamin E which promotes an improved skin barrier against damage, giving your skin a natural firmness.

4) Coconut Oil Is Ideal For The Treatment Of Skin Problems

Eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis are just some of the serious skin conditions that can be remedied with coconut oil.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and itching on the affected parts.

5) Coconut Oil Is A Moisturizing Makeup Removal

Instead of using highly-acidic facial cleansers, you can use coconut oil for removing makeup, especially around the eye areas.

Not only will it effectively wipe out traces of mascara and eyeliner, but it will also give hydration and moisturization to your under eyes to prevent it from looking tired and sagging.

This is the brand of coconut oil I would recommend.

Benefits Of Brown Sugar For  The Face

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne; Brown sugar on wooden background

While too much sugar may not be good for your diet, it is surprisingly effective in keeping your skin healthy.

Here are some of the brown sugar benefits when used on your face.

1) Brown Sugar Is A Safer Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin

Because its granules are smaller and rounder, brown sugar is a better alternative to salt and other abrasive ingredients.

You should remember that while exfoliation is safe, there’s a chance that your skin will get damaged if you use ingredients that are too coarse or rough.

Opt for brown sugar instead for a safer exfoliation that doesn’t scratch your tender epidermis.

2) Brown Sugar Promotes New Cell Growth

Thanks to AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), brown sugar helps loosen the bonds of skin cells which bring about the growth of a new healthy layer of skin cells.

3) Brown Sugar Is A Natural Moisturizer

Actually, sugar is considered as humectants, which give moisture to skin upon prolonged contact.

This is why you may also leave sugar scrub on your skin for a few minutes to soak in its moisturizing effect like a mask.

4) Brown Sugar Removes Scars

Brown sugar works in two ways to remove unsightly facial scarring.

First, the glycolic acid loosens the “glue” holding the dead skin cells on the epidermis.

Secondly, the same acid helps reduce the discoloration of the acne scars to make them almost non-existent.

Are Sugar Scrubs And Exfoliating Good For Acne?

Sugar scrubs are less abrasive on sensitive skin but still manage to effectively exfoliate to loosen dead skin cells. Compared to salt scrubs, sugar has rounder granules that roll and glide over the skin, thus preventing your skin from accidentally getting scratches or burns due to repeated scrubbing. Sugar scrubs also help reduce the possibility of breakouts by clearing the pores of pus and sebum.

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne

Is Lime Good For Acne?

Lime is good for acne because of its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the swelling which makes it look overwhelmingly reddish. Aside from this, lime also rids the skin of bacteria-causing acne. Its astringent effect helps minimize the pores to prevent them from being clogged with dirt and sebum.

Lime Vs Lemon For Acne

Both lime and lemon are good for acne, but the astringent properties of lemon are higher than lime which is due to slightly higher citric acid content.

Citric acid can be a minor skin irritant, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Your face will dry out faster with lemons compared to lime. Still, lemons are best taken as a drinkable juice if your aim is to reap its skin benefits.

Is Lime Good For Acne Scars?

Lime is good for acne scars because of its exfoliating properties that help minimize the appearance of scarring. Additionally, its bleaching effect helps erase traces of scars on the face by evening out your skin color.

Does Exfoliating Help Acne Scars?

Exfoliating helps acne scars by removing the dead skin cells surrounding the blemish, which gives the appearance of scarring in the first place.

How To Use A Homemade Scrub For Acne Prone Skin

To use a finished homemade scrub for acne prone skin, gently apply a small portion on your face.

Use your two fingers to make slow, circular motions starting from your cheeks, then the T-zone, and finally along your chin and jaws.

Rinse with lukewarm water after a good scrubbing and pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Watch the video below showing you the proper way to scrub your face.

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne Recipe

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1.00

This purifying lime and sugar scrub has numerous benefits for reducing acne, pimples and even acne scars. Discover why it’s been proven to work so well.



  1. Zest and juice the lime and add it to a bowl.
  2. Add sugar and coconut oil to a bowl, stir well.
  3. Add lime zest and lime essential oil. Stir well.
  4. Pour into an airtight container. If using mason jars, a canning funnel works great.

How To Use A Sugar Scrub On Your Face

Gently scrub your face in circular motions until the sugar granules dissolve. You can also leave the scrub on for a few minutes as a facial mask that moisturizes the skin. Rinse the remaining scrub mixture on your face with water. Use a clean towel to gently pat your skin dry.

How Often To Use A Sugar Scrub On Your Face

You can use a sugar scrub on your face for about 2-3 times a week to give the skin enough time to renew and repair after each exfoliation. Frequent scrubbing within a single week may irritate your skin more and may damage healthy, new cells.

What Is The Homemade Sugar Scrub Shelf Life?

The shelf life of a homemade sugar scrub is about 6 months. As long as it is kept away from humidity, it should last that long in a tight-lid jar.

Can You Store Sugar Scrub In The Fridge?

It is not recommended to store your sugar scrub in the fridge. It will only make the scrub drier and may become more abrasive, which is not suitable for most skin types and conditions. Store it in the cupboard instead or on the counter.

How To Prevent Sugar Scrub From Hardening

Do not store sugar scrub in the fridge to prevent it from hardening. Oil naturally hardens at room temperature but can be reheated and cooled for the next use. Alternatively, you may use fractionated coconut oil instead of virgin coconut oil for your recipe as it will stay liquefied even in cooler storage.

I came across this Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil that was highly recommended by the buyers.

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne

Other Ways To Use Lime On Your Skin

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne

Another way to use lime on the skin is to apply its juice directly on your face just like you would a facial toner.

Juice the lime and soak a cotton ball with it. Dab the cotton directly on your acne and let it dry for 10 minutes.

Rinse off with cold water.

How To Use Lime To Lighten Skin

To use lime for lightening skin, apply its juice directly on the skin with a cotton ball. You may even use its rind to scrub onto your skin for a bleaching effect. Avoid frequent sun exposure as concentrated lime juice makes your skin sensitive to UV rays.

Can You Leave Lime On Your Face Overnight?

There’s no need to leave the lime on your face overnight. It is already effective as a mask for a few minutes, but longer than that may create a tingling effect which could be a sign of mild irritation caused by its being acidic.

How To Use Lime For Face Dark Spots

To use lime on the face for dark spots, apply the lime by directly squeezing the juice out and rubbing the flesh along with its rind on the dark areas.

More Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne; Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

by angelvicky. From Visually.


Lime, coconut oil, and sugar all contribute to healthy, glowing skin.

Each ingredient has remarkable benefits on skin that outshines even the artificially-prepared and commercially-bought treatments.

Being all-natural and organic, you can rest assured that you won’t suffer from harmful side-effects of applying this scrub recipe all over your body.

I hope that this purifying lime and sugar scrub finally provides you with the solution for your skin problems and beauty regimen.

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Purifying Lime And Sugar Scrub For Acne


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