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How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success

I show you everything you need to know about how to use a portable sauna including assembly instructions, temperature, timer, cleaning & folding away.

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success

Being a mom, my daily routine used to keep me away from enjoying extended hours of personal relaxation.

While I do enjoy the built-in sauna at my local gym, I just wished I can bring home the purifying and stress-relieving effects of such a spa facility.

I’ve always felt the need to pamper myself every once in a while.

Thankfully, I came across a brilliant idea: portable saunas that you can pitch at home conveniently.

How Does A Portable Sauna Work?

A portable sauna works in a similar way as a full-sized sauna at the spa center. It heats the body through steam or infrared radiation. However, a portable sauna is a unit that you can build from a kit and install anywhere in the house. It requires a few minutes of assembly and has to be electrically pre-heated before use. You simply sit on the provided chair and immerse your body in the heat from the neck down.

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success; Portable sauna 2

Most portable saunas also include features such as a head collar and armholes.

These will provide you comfort and accessibility as the rest of your body gets soaked up in the heat.

I actually like the fact that I can catch up with my reading, browse my social apps, and watch TV while I sit inside the canvas-built cubicle.

In case you’re wondering, a portable steam sauna gets its source of heat from a water reservoir that is connected to the main unit.

On the other hand, a portable infrared sauna typically has carbon panels attached to its canvas body which produce the heat.

A lot of portable units even come with foot pads which add warmth and soothing experience.

What’s more, is that they can be operated with a remote control.

I find this handy for when I’m planning to adjust heat levels and timer settings while still sitting on the stool.

Basically, you can set up the portable sauna anywhere in the house that is near an electric power source.

There are even some models that can be used in the yard just as conveniently as they can be indoors.

Now isn’t it nice to recreate a spa experience whenever and wherever you want?

And it’s not just for pleasure or stress management.

Portable saunas have also been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss and an improved health condition.

Use this infrared sauna if you are from Europe.

If you are from the US, this is the infrared sauna you should use.

Click here to see what is the portable steam sauna I recommend.

Watch the video below showing you how to use a portable sauna.

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How Hot Does A Portable Sauna Get?

Depending on the type of heating source you have, the temperature inside a portable sauna can range from 90-180 degrees Fahrenheit. For infrared saunas, the ideal temperature is around 100-110 °F since it heats the body directly. Portable steam saunas can make you sweat easily at around 90-180 °F.

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success; Portable sauna

Room temperature also plays a role in determining your operating heat.

For example, if the room registers a 64 °F temperature, you should keep the heat inside the portable sauna at around 122-140 degrees.

Anything beyond 140 degrees would be dangerous.

This is especially when the unit uses infrared technology as prolonged exposure to EMF can cause damage to the skin and overall health.

You should also limit your time spent inside the portable sauna to up to 40 minutes per session.

This is to allow your body to cool down and become fully rejuvenated.

You can always pop into the cubicle any day or consecutively, though.

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success
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If you find visiting a spa center next to impossible, you can simply purchase a portable sauna and set it up right next to you at home.

Not only will it save you considerable “splurge money”, but it will also put you in a relaxation mode anytime you feel like treating yourself to it.

After all, you deserve a break every once in a while.

Here are the steps that you should follow for using a portable sauna in your house.

1) Preheat The Portable Sauna To The Desired Temperature

This way, you won’t have to sit idly inside the cubicle until you start feeling warm.

Set the temperature for 10-15 minutes before hopping into it.

2) Drink Water

You’ll be sweating a lot inside the portable sauna so make sure to hydrate yourself to avoid feeling faint or thirsty.

Drinking water also helps you sweat more.

This is ideal if you’re aiming to get rid of toxins through perspiration.

3) Wear Less Clothing

You’re not helping yourself sweat more by wearing more warming clothes.

In fact, it will only make your sweat reabsorbed by your skin.

Such will counteract the whole point of using the sauna.

Instead, wear at least a bathing suit before popping into the heated cubicle.

This will allow your body a chance to cool down naturally while you perspire.

4) Sit Inside The Cubicle And Relax

Once the sauna has been heated, you can finally sit on the provided chair and insert your arms and head into the designated holes.

Bring your favorite book with you, watch TV or browse your phone while you wait for the timer to end.

You can even wear a neck pillow like this if you prefer to fully relax your mind.

How To Build A Portable Sauna

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success; Portable sauna 3

Most portable sauna models come with instant assembly features.

These are the ones that voluntarily springs to life after being released from the package.

In other cases, though, you might need to join tubes together to build a frame to support the canvas panels.

Once the cubicle is upright, place the foot warmer or the similar mat on the bottom of the sauna.

The video below shows you how to build a portable sauna that needs tubes to be joined together to build the frame.

How To Fold A Portable Sauna

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success; Portable sauna

To fold a portable sauna for storage, simply tip the side of the cubicle and give it an inward push to make it collapse.

Do the same with the rest of the corners until you’re able to press on the unit back to its starting shape.

Otherwise, you may be required to dismantle the canvas panels first and then disconnect the tubes that make up the frame.

If you are still struggling to fold your portable sauna, check out the video below showing you how to do it correctly.

How Do You Clean A Portable Sauna

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success; Portable sauna 4

To clean a portable sauna, you should only use a damp cloth to dab on the moisture caused by combined perspiration and condensation (especially if the sauna model uses steam).

Never use any chemically-prepared cleaners to avoid off-gassing. You’ll only need to wipe away any water with a clean cloth.

You may also want to air-dry first the interiors of the sauna cubicle after every use and every time after cleaning before collapsing it back into a kit.

If you want your portable sauna to last for a long time, proper maintenance is necessary.

Depending on the floor material, you may or may not need to vacuum the portable sauna. Simply take out the mat on the bottom of the sauna and dust it by flipping it over.

Benefits Of Portable Steam SaunaHow To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps To Success; Portable Sauna Bath

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Here is a summary of the main points to help you remember what you’ve learned.

How To Use A Portable Sauna: 4 Steps

  1. Preheat the portable sauna to the desired temperature
  2. Drink water
  3. Wear less clothing
  4. Sit inside the cubicle and relax


A portable sauna is all you need to enjoy a spa experience right in the comforts of your own home.

Aside from its affordability, it is also a more practical way to give yourself a little pampering after an exhausting household chore or a grueling workweek.

From setup to actual use and storage, everything is laid down to you in easy-to-follow steps, making it a hassle-free alternative to expensive spa therapies.

I hope that through this guide, you now know how to use a portable sauna so you can easily achieve a pleasurable break as well as maintain a sound mind and body.

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