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23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget

How to make a home spa bath that feels relaxing and luxurious without breaking the bank?  I share tips for all budgets for creating the perfect spa bath at home.

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget

With all the hustle-and-bustle happening in the home front, it’s impossible to have time for some self-pampering.

So why not transform your humble bath into a luxurious sanctuary where you can relax and rejuvenate?

Regular spa baths are recommended by most wellness experts. In fact, a study conducted in Japan, where communal baths are commonly observed, concluded that frequent spa bathing has curative effects.

Impressed? Stop delaying and let’s plan your very own spa bath!

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Woman sleeps in the bath with foam, rose petals

It doesn’t have to cost you a lot to make your home feel like a million bucks-worth of spa facility.

I have plenty of suggestions for creating your DIY home spa bath that suits your current budget.

Whether you’re penny-pinching or in the mood for a splurge, you can browse through my list of tips and tricks that can help you fulfill the spa of your dreams.

1) Repaint The Available Wall Space Of Your Bathroom With White Or Neutrals

We’re not going to replace the tiled surfaces regardless of their color.

We’ll just make adjustments to the remaining wall space.

This is to create a visually breathable area suitable for relaxation.

Paint the free wall with pristine white or neutrals to recreate the spacious appeal of a spa facility. This is especially recommended for bathrooms with a small floor area.

2) Invest In High-Quality Towels And Linens

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Stack of towels with a soap dispenser and roses in vasein a bathroom closeup

Nothing sets the mood better than having fresh, clean linens and towels rolled in a woven basket (such as this one).

Better yet, stacked up in a leaning linen ladder (this is the one I like) that can be hung to dry after use.

Clean towels and linens bring to mind the calming effect of crisp fabrics at the spa centers.

Having luxurious, fluffy towels are a must when you come out of your home spa bath.  These towels are so soft, you will adore them. 

3) Make Your Own Scrubs

For body and facial scrubs, you can find recipes online that use readily-sourced ingredients such as coffee granules and fruit extracts.

Simply mix or blend the ingredients together. Apply the mixture to your skin in circular motions for a relaxing and exfoliating effect.

You will find a link below to my favorite sugar scrub.

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4) Make Your Own Bath Sponge

You can even make a loofah out of a dehydrated gourd.

This item is ideal for exfoliating and as a bath sponge for foaming.

Simply dry out pitted gourd and dehydrate either under the sun or in the oven.

Watch the video below showing you how you can make your own loofah sponges. It’s easy!

(Here’s a tip, soaking the dried gourd in water makes it easier to peel the skin.)

And if you’re not able to get your hands on a gourd yourself, you can save yourself the trouble and get yourself one online.  I love this natural loofah

5) Make Your Own Aromatic Candles

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Candles and rose petals on massage table at the health spa

You’ll only need paraffin wax, molds, wick and essential oils for making spa tea candles that diffuse a relaxing scent during your bath.

The perfect mold should be able to produce candles of around 5 cm in height.

These can be lit around your tub.

If you prefer, you can also use a silicone succulent mold (like this one) that mimics the shape of cactus for a more inviting spa experience.

These are the candle making supplies that I recommend for you: paraffin wax, candle mold, candle wicks, and essential oils.

6) Decorate Your Bathroom With Cacti And Plants

Cactus exudes an atmosphere that is earthy and all-natural; so are the usual potted plants.

Aside from decorating your bathroom, they also help purify the air to make the space more conducive to relaxation.

These are the best clean air plants that I like.

Make it feel like a sanctuary in the middle of the rainforest by using green plants and ornamental flowers.

7) Invest In Wooden Or Bamboo Accent Pieces

Balance out the sterile atmosphere of your white-tiled bathroom with earthy accent pieces that double as utility furnishings.

You may use a wooden plank as a caddy.

This can be transformed into a décor by setting it down across the rim of the tub, with soap and succulent placed over it.

Or if like me, you would rather just buy one already made, this luxurious wooden bath caddy will make you feel a million dollars. 

You may also opt for a shower bench (this one is a good choice for its price) where you can place your towel and toiletries nearby.

8) Invest In Wooden Spa Tools

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; hair brush, cream, sponge, soap bar and bath towel

Whether it’s a massager with handle, a dry brush or an acupressure ball, make sure that the material flows seamlessly along with the earthy theme of the spa bath.

An exception can be made for facial rollers (like this one), which typically come in precious stones such as jade and marble.

These are the spa tools that I like to use: massager, dry brush and acupressure ball.

9) Invest In An Electric Diffuser

Though it might not blend naturally with other spa essentials, you should also consider the amount of time it will take for your rattan reeds to diffuse the scent.  

You won’t need a separate humidifier in your bathroom since it’s already the moistest room in the house.

I always love to have a room filled with beautiful aroma and mist from my diffuser and I actually have a diffuser in almost every room in my home.

Try this decorative diffuser-slash-humidifier to add moisture to the air during cooler months while diffusing fragrant smell at the same time.

10) Use Apothecary Jars For Your Toiletries

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; spa aromatherapy with rose flowers essential oil salt

Cotton balls, q-tips, and other toiletries can be stored in decorative apothecary jars such as these for achieving the typical spa aesthetics.

You can even use these jars for storing dry spa treatment ingredients so they’ll be ready for the next session.

11) Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Instead of buying expensive bath bombs, you can do them yourself by mixing cornstarch, citric acid, baking soda, and Epsom salts with drops of food coloring, essential oil, and water.

Put the mixture in sphere mold like this one and let dry. After leaving them overnight, you’ll have a perfectly rounded ball that makes rainbow swirls in your tub.

I have listed my favorite brands of the ingredients that I use to make bath bombs here: cornstarch, citric acid, baking soda, Epsom saltsfood coloring, and essential oils.

12) Make Your Own Bath Soak

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Woman sleeps in the bath with foam, rose petals

Using Epsom salts, sea salt, baking soda, soap coloring and drops of essential oils, you can easily make a DIY version of a bath soak.

Simply scoop out the mixture from the apothecary jar into your tub of warm water for a bath that soothes your aching body.

You can find the ingredients to make your own DIY bath soak here: Epsom salts, sea salt, baking soda, soap coloring, and essential oils.

13) Update Your Bathroom Light Fixtures

The goal here is to recreate the dim-lit atmosphere of a spa facility.

Our emphasis is on natural lighting courtesy of the lighted candles.

For a spa-like experience, you can opt for a dimmable light fixture or LED bulbs that change colors with each press of the button.

I adore these spa lights that can be submerged into your bath and you can change the color of them with a remote control.  

14) Update Your Showerhead

If you still can’t afford to shell out for a luxury tub, you may start with upgrading your showerhead with one that features massaging spray jets (like this one).

Pulsating spray is also a good option for controlling the water pressure on your body to give it a massaging effect.

Even with a hot tub, you can also use a hand-held shower head for soothing your scalp while you soak.

15) Invest In A Bubble Maker

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Enjoying day spa

Again, if you can’t afford the Jacuzzi yet, you may simply attach a bubble maker to your tub similar to this one to mimic its gurgling effect on water.

Bubbles are an integral part of hydrotherapy.

I suggest that you try this inexpensive alternative if owning a Jacuzzi is still in the works.

16) Pick A Luxurious Robe

It may be considered vanity, but looking “extra special” doesn’t hurt if that would make you feel more comfortable and tuned-in to the present.

Wear the plushiest and softest robe you can find to help you relax. (I love this soft absorbent robe) as you perform spa rituals prior to bathing.

17) Invest In A Bath Pillow

Bath pillows can help in supporting your head while you soak in the hot tub.

Make sure to buy something like this that has anti-mildew and mold features since it can catch moisture from the bath.

This is something that I used every single day while I was recovering from burnout and it’s really worth it to make sure you can totally relax in the tub.

18) Buy A Contemporary-Looking Tub

Since it’s going to be a long-term investment, you can splurge on a freestanding, modern-style tub in white marble or acrylic such as this one.

It will help balance out the traditional and contemporary pieces in your bathroom when turning it into a spa-like haven.

19) Buy A Jacuzzi

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Beautiful Woman Enjoying Jacuzzi in Spa Center.

Acquiring and setting up your own Jacuzzi may cost you a lot.

However, it will pay you back tenfold with body pain relief and lower blood pressure.

If you can’t still afford to buy one, you may purchase an inflatable hot tub with air jet lines and bubble functionality that mimics the healing effect of Jacuzzi jets.

The bonus is that you’ll be able to take it out in the yard for an outdoor summer dip.

This is the inflatable hot tub I like to use.

20) Buy An Inflatable Steam Sauna

If you’re feeling in need of some serious pampering, you can take your home spa bath to the next level with a portable sauna and steam tent.

This is a good idea if you have ample bathroom floor space.

Although it is portable and can be set up anywhere.

Steam is an affordable choice for portable saunas since infrared technology can be expensive.

Get your own portable steam sauna here.

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21) Use A Wooden Mat

You can ask someone to make you a mat out of pieces of wood.

Or you may purchase a wooden floor mat like this one for your bathroom.

Aside from keeping your feet dry, the wooden mat can also lend a rustic appeal to your spa bath.

22) Set The Music Using A Bamboo Amplifier

Music is a good stimulant for the brain.

That’s why you should also think about your playlist upon soaking in the hot tub.

If you want to do away with cables and wires, you may simply use this bamboo cellphone holder that doubles as an amplifier for your music.

It’s a sneaky way to add technology to your spa experience.

23) Create Your Own Dead Sea Spa Bath

23 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Bath salt

Here’s a bonus tip for you.  You can use the same minerals that are in the dead sea to create your own detoxifying, purifying spa bath experience.  

These bath salts are so much better than Epsom salts because they contain 21 beneficial minerals instead of just 1.

These salts are also a safe, natural alternative to treating skin conditions. According to published studies, about 80%-90% of psoriasis patients visiting the Dead Sea for treatment, experience significant improvement of their skin.

Get your purifying dead sea bath salts here. 

Ease Into The Health Benefits Of A Home Spa

22 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget; Ease into the Health Benefits of a Home Spa

From Visually.


Regardless of your budget, you can achieve a luxurious spa bath at home with just a few tweaks in your bathroom.

In fact, most of the tips I’ve shared involves DIY techniques that will save you a lot of money—enough for you to ditch weekly trips to the spa center.

There are 22 Ways To Make A Luxurious DIY Home Spa Bath On A Budget:

  • Repaint the available wall space of your bathroom with white or neutrals.
  • Invest in high-quality towels and linens.
  • Make your own scrubs.
  • Make your own bath sponge.
  • Decorate your bathroom with cacti and plants.
  • Invest in wooden spa tools.
  • Invest in an electric diffuser.
  • Use apothecary jars for your toiletries.
  • Make your own bath bombs.
  • Make your own bath soak.
  • Update your bathroom light fixtures.
  • Update your showerhead.
  • Invest in a bubble maker.
  • Pick a luxurious robe.
  • Invest in a bath pillow.
  • Buy a contemporary-looking tub.
  • Buy a Jacuzzi.
  • Buy an inflatable steam sauna.
  • Use a wooden mat.
  • Set the music using a bamboo speaker.

With a DIY home spa bath, you’re literally a step away to achieving zen and experiencing a relaxing getaway in the comforts of your own bathroom.

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