5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life

Here are the best home spa kits to bring some luxury into your life.  These are my favorite spa kits as they are indulgent, healthy, natural and toxin-free.

5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life

Whether you’re planning to give a gift of luxurious pampering or simply want to treat yourself to a new set of spa essentials, I recommend that you buy spa kits.

They come in a variety of packaging and combinations to cover not only your skincare needs but also your gift-giving requirements.

Spa kits are a nifty way of wrapping up TLC.

Today, I’ll share 5 spa bundles that are perfect for your own and your fave women’s indulgence.

5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life

1. Freida and Joe’s Mango Pear Spa Kit

5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life

What you’ll get from this bundle are the following: shower gel, bubble bath, body spray, body lotion, bath salts, and bath fizzers.

If you love fruity scents, the Mango Pear Spa Kit is right down your alley.

Not only do the products inspire tropical summer feels, but their formulation is actually beneficial for your skin and mind.

Mango, which is the bundle’s main ingredient, has been known to possess antioxidants and vitamins.

These components contribute to the reduction of oxidative stress which causes skin aging.

This tropical fruit also promotes the production of collagen due to its high Vitamin C content.

Similarly, mangoes are known to contain AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), which help in chemical exfoliation of dead skin cells.

In addition to these, mango also has a moisturizing effect and its scent is said to energize the body.

Aside from the equally beneficial pear extract, the spa bundle also uses shea butter and Vitamin E.

Shea butter is high in fatty acids and vitamins. This makes it an ideal moisturizing agent in spa products.

I love the Mango Pear Spa Kit because it also comes with an old-fashioned basket.

It is ideal for reusing as a caddy or a décor for the bathroom sink.

With travel-size bottles, the Mango Pear Spa Kit is also perfect for out-of-town trips.

After all, your own toiletries are better than those provided by hotels.

As a package, it’s totally worth it since the presentation is well-thought-out.

Click here to get Freida and Joe’s Mango Pear Spa Kit.

2. Lizush’s Mother’s Day Spa Gift Set

5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life
If you’re planning to surprise your mom with a bundle of spa goodies, you may do so with a specially-packaged pampering set.

Preferably, something that includes a natural soap bar, body cream, shower steamer, body oil, bath bomb, natural lip balm, face towel, and a soy candle.

This set comes in a ready-to-give box, complete with a fancy ribbon and a greeting card. Talk about a unique personalization upgrade!

The Lizush spa gift set contains products having ingredients such as lavender and shea butter.

Shea butter is good for the skin, and so is lavender.

But with lavender, it also promotes better mind conditioning through aromatherapy.

Studies have shown that there’s a link between lavender and the nervous system which improves the overall wellbeing of a person.

This is why you feel a little sleepy and relaxed after smelling lavender scent or soaking up in its oil.

Package-wise, this set saves you the hassle of wrapping up spa essentials.

Unlike spa baskets, you can still keep an air of mystery with this spa set. It comes with a lid and sealed with a ribbon.

Your mom won’t know what’s inside until she opens it. It’s so exciting to see the delight in her face when she receives it.

Click here to get Lizush’s Mother’s Day Spa Gift Set.

3. Herbs And Twine’s Fall Spa Gift Set


Don’t be discouraged by the product description. Giving a spa kit as a present is a year-round practice you shouldn’t ignore.

Perhaps it’s the cinnamon spice scent that is used in this set which reminds you of the fall season. And maybe, the delicacies associated with its smell.

The Fall Spa Bundle is bursting with pampering essentials.

They include a soy candle, a goat milk soap bar, a lemongrass and chamomile bath salts, and an organic lip balm made of beeswax, coconut oil, and rose geranium essence.

I love cinnamon not only as a spice but also because of its many uses for hair and skin. For one, cinnamon has been found to help cure acne vulgaris.

The soy candle, on the other hand, burns longer than paraffin and is 100% biodegradable.

Lemongrass, meanwhile, is a natural astringent which deeply cleanses your skin’s pores.

Combined with chamomile which is an acne scar remedy, the bath salts in this set will surely end your breakout woes.

As for the lip balm, I love that it uses beeswax and coconut oil as base ingredients.

These have been known to provide curative effects on the skin.

The packaging reminds me of old artisan crafts.

It has vial and cork stopper, Mason jar sealed with brown paper and twine, and a carton box that contains the spa essentials.

Everything screams “handmade”.

It is indeed a heartwarming gift for your girlfriends for any occasion or milestone.

Click here to get Herbs And Twine’s Fall Spa Gift Set.

4. Freida and Joe’s Spa Package With Reflexology Kit

5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life
I like this spa package in particular because of the inclusion of a reflexology kit which is often not added to a typical spa set.

This package contains the following products tucked inside a two-tone wooden basket: a shower gel, lush bubble bath, wooden massage comb, reflexology wood stick, loofah, scented candle, and a fragrant potpourri.

The treatment products are infused with cucumber and melon extracts, both of which are known to cool and refresh the skin.

Cucumber alone has a track record of curing skin dehydration and reduces puffiness of the under-eye area.

If you’ve recently suffered a burn or dermatitis, a splash of cucumber bath will help soothe your skin.

Add the natural melon scent and you’re sure to take hours in the bath with its lovely scent.

As for the reflexology tools, both the massage comb and the wooden stick help with self-myofascial release, which eases the muscles and improves blood circulation.

I actually like the idea of including these tools because I’ve always wanted to maximize my spa experience.

Since massage is something better done with extra helping hands, I think that these tools would do fine for massage therapy on my own.

I also think that the set makes a nice gift for women who are in their 40s because aching muscles and joints usually begin at such age.

Click here to get Freida and Joe’s Spa Package With Reflexology Kit.

5. Body & Earth’s Floral Lily Spa Kit

5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life

Coming in at #5 is this lightly fragrant spa kit that infuses floral lily essential oils.

But first, let me just take this moment to appreciate how the Body & Earth Spa Set is lovingly packaged, with its expertly crafted woven basket and similarly colored treatment products.

And so with floral lily essence as the calming agent, your recipient (or yourself!) will surely have a good time soaking up the natural goodness of a spa bath.

The spa kit contains the following: body mist, body scrub, body lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, potpourri, massage soap, bath salts and puff sponge—practically everything you’ll need to experience a rich, pampering bath.

Also, the spa treatments are also infused with sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E to create a moisturizing sensation that promotes suppleness and firmness of the skin.

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5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life; 9 Incredible Benefits of A Home Spa


Here are the 5 best home spa kits again to remind you of what they are again.

  1. Freida and Joe’s Mango Pear Spa Kit
  2. Lizush’s Mother’s Day Spa Gift Set
  3. Herbs And Twine’s Fall Spa Gift Set
  4. Freida and Joe’s Spa Package With Reflexology Kit
  5. Body & Earth’s Floral Lily Spa Kit


If you want to avoid time-consuming gift wrapping and DIY recipe making, it is best to simply opt for ready-made spa bundles that contain all the pampering essentials you’ll ever need.

With most of the spa kits being packaged with a good container, I know you’ll also squeal in delight for its practicality and creativity.

You don’t even need an occasion to treat yourself, either. You can try as many spa kits as you’d like for your own enjoyment.

I hope that this list inspires you to choose the best home spa kits to give to yourself or the special women in your life.

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5 Best Home Spa Kits To Bring Some Luxury Into Your Life


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