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7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types

These bath tea bags can be used while soaking in your bathtub to improve the condition of the skin and improve your health.  Tub tea is the perfect way to relax.

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types

Enjoying your cup of tea in the afternoons? Why not try steeping it in your bathwater?

I know this sounds ridiculous at first, but bathing in tea-infused water is actually a thing even before the dawn of the ages.

I myself immediately found it a timeless solution to almost all my health and skincare woes.

Fascinated now? That’s what we’re going to discuss in today’s post.

Why Take A Tea Bath Soak

Tub tea bathing offers a myriad of healing and therapeutic effects. It can cure skin inflammation, soothe burns, relieve rashes, and moisturize skin. Apart from these, it can also stimulate the mind, provide pain relief on muscles, and detoxify the body. Taking a tea bath soak also improves sleep when done in the evenings.

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Bathing woman relaxing in bath smiling relaxing with eyes closed

With a tea bath, you get to soak up the antioxidants, polyphenols, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that the herbs and botanicals possess.

Steeping the tub tea bags releases these skin nutrients into the bathwater more effectively than simply tossing actual leaves into the tub.

They get easily absorbed by the skin, all while your other senses enjoy the soothing effect of the bath itself.

So basically, it’s a multi-purpose bath soak that works wonders in a single session.

It’s a practical solution for busy women.

What Are Bath Tea Bags?

Bath tea bags are just the more concentrated versions of tub water filled with actual herbs, leaves, and flowers. Because they are steeped in hot water first for a few minutes, the medicinal extracts of the herbs are fully infused. They typically come in 2 forms: (1) an actual tea bag resembling a drinkable tea, and (2) a bundle of herbs inserted in a bigger muslin cloth bag.

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Cup of tea

These tea bags are either pre-packed or homemade.

There’s not much difference except perhaps for the bag material they use.

Tea bags that are made of filter paper are usually for one-time use only.

On the other hand, bath tea bags that are made of cloth are reusable and this minimizes trash.

They are also effective in filtering out the herbs during infusion to eliminate clogging in the tub.

As for their contents, they don’t have to be just green tea extract. You can use a variety of botanicals and herbs that are clinically proven to improve health.

Most manufactured tub tea bags are even labeled according to their suggested application. For example, there’s a bath tea bag for skin softening made of buttermilk and certain herbs like chamomile and rosemary.


Bath Tea Instructions

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Beautiful young woman taking care about legs lying in the bathtube in the bathroom

Depending on the kind of bath tea bag you use, the procedure may only involve steeping the bag first before soaking in it.

Generally, you will need to steep the tea into a basin of hot water for 15 minutes.

You can then transfer the infused liquid into the actual tub filled with water.

Otherwise, you’ll just need to hook the bag over your hot tap.

You can let the warm water run through the bagful of herbs.

Still another way is to fill the tub with warm water and steep the bath tea bags directly into it before soaking.

You can squeeze out the remaining liquid from the steeped bags. This is to extract as many nutrients as possible into your bathwater.

How Do You Make Bath Tea Bags?

To make a bath tea bag, you’ll need a muslin cloth bag and a variety of herbs and infusers (e.g. bath salts, powdered milk, oatmeal, etc). Stuff the bag with your desired bundle of herbs. When finished, draw the strings apart to seal the bag securely.

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Making tea from loose tea and herbal ingredients

For my own bath tea bags, I use these double drawstring muslin pouches that conveniently keep my herbs ready for steeping.

While cloth bags are indeed reusable, I recommend getting a pack of 12’s so you can prepare different concoctions of tea bath ahead of time.

They also come in handy especially when you’re planning to give tub tea bags as gifts or souvenirs.

Check out the video below showing you how to make and use tea bags.


7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Various tea in spoons. Black, green and red tea

Below are just some of my recommended tub tea bags that target specific skin problems you might be suffering from.

Note that you can actually use them alternatively since most of the herbs and infusers are multi-purpose.

1. Best Bath Tea For Sunburn

If your skin is hurting from too much sunbathing, you’ll need a bath tea soak infused with helichrysum italicum or “curry plant” which is a known anti-inflammatory herb.

Such a characteristic of a medicinal plant is ideal for treating sunburns and swollen skin.

It’s also good to know that it comes with a fragrant smell courtesy of dried chamomile and lavender.

That’s a perfect way to ease stinging skin while enjoying a relaxing bath.


2. Best Bath Tea For Baby & Diaper Rash

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Bath Tea Bags image 0

When is it safe to use a bath tea for babies? It’s when the ingredients used for the bag are mild and don’t come with side effects.

This is why I recommend that you try tub tea bags containing lavender, goat’s milk and organic oats for bathing your baby.

Lavender is the most commonly used scent in many baby products because it gives off a calming effect. Thus, it’s suitable for making your baby sleep faster after a bath.

Goat’s milk is just like your usual milk bath but is gentler on the baby’s skin. It is actually an effective moisturizer that speeds up the healing of diaper rashes.

Meanwhile, organic oats are popularly known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that don’t irritate a tender baby’s skin. Hence, it’s a good ingredient to be added to the product.


3. Best Bath Tea For Fevers

Once I was down with the flu, I tried soaking in lukewarm water infused with tub tea.

And I’ve never felt so much better after rinsing.

True enough, when I used neem bath tea bags, it invigorated my sore body and relieved my headache.

Apparently, the neem extracts used for the tub tea are highly esteemed in Ayurvedic medicine to cure fever and flu. In fact, it can help cure almost any ailments known to man.


4. Best Bath Tea For Colds & Flu

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Eucalyptus Bath Tea image 0

While I’ve mentioned earlier the healing powers of neem tea, there’s also a widely popular and easily sourced alternative: eucalyptus and Epsom salts tea bag.

I did a little research on common colds remedies, and eucalyptus is one of them.

This herb actually helps decongest a clogged nose through aromatic steam.

Meanwhile, the Epsom salts as infusers help in relieving flu symptoms such as body ache and dizziness.


5. Best Bath Tea For Eczema

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types;

Eczema is an irritating skin condition that seems to worsen with incorrect skincare habits.

This is why I suggest you take a bath infused with a tea bag containing calendula and colloidal oats.

The calendula flower is valued for its antiseptic properties that help heal wounds and relieve inflammation on the skin.

On the other hand, colloidal oats have a soothing quality that helps manage itchiness.


6. Best Bath Tea For Dry Skin

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types;

If your skin is dry yet you have a gluten intolerance, you can still enjoy gluten-free oats in a tub tea bag to avoid allergies due to sensitivity.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, oats have a moisturizing effect on the skin which turns it from dry to supple upon absorption.

The same bath tea bag also includes red bush which is rich in antioxidants necessary for fighting oxidative stress that age the skin.


7. Best Bath Tea For Uneven Skin Tone

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types;

If you’re concerned about your patchy-looking complexion, my suggestion is to try soaking in bath water infused with a tea bag that consists of milk, saffron, oats, and tapioca starch.

Here’s Cleopatra’s secret to radiant skin all in one tub tea bag. The milk’s lactic acid and tapioca starch’s powder are known to lighten uneven skin tone.

Coupled with oats and saffron, this bath tea variant ensures that you maintain a healthy skin by ridding you of breakouts and dead skin cells.


4 Bath Tea Recipes

7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types; Tea Ingredients and Utensils

It’s easy to make a batch of bath tea bags at home.

This way, you get to save money and even be able to curate your own preferred botanicals and infusers to steep in the tub.

Follow these simple recipes for your next invigorating soak.

1. Martha Stewart’s Chill Mix

For this recipe, you’ll need dried verbena, lavender, peppermint, and chamomile.

Simply stuff these dried herbs into muslin cloth drawstring bags.

When ready to soak, simply steep the bag in warm water for 15 minutes.

This mix is an aromatherapeutic remedy that also lends fragrance to the skin.

Get the ingredients to make Martha Stewart’s Chill Mix bath tea here:

2. Cleopatra’s Milk Bath Mix

This recipe calls for powdered milk, Epsom salts, uncooked oats, and dried lavender.

You don’t have to use a tea bag for this one.

However, you’ll need to filter the herbs with a strainer after steeping the ingredients in a basin full of warm water.

This mix takes inspiration from Egyptian royalty’s famous skincare secret.

It is recommended for dull and dry skin.

Get the ingredients & tools to make Cleopatra’s Milk Bath Mix here:

3. Princess Floral Mix

This recipe uses dried rose petals, lavender, white sage, and pink Himalayan salts.

Fill the cloth bag with the dry ingredients and seal tightly with the drawstrings.

To use, just steep the bag into warm bath water or let the tap run through the bag down to the tub.

It’s an interesting mix of aroma and calming effect which is ideal for a spa-like experience.

Get the ingredients to make this Princess Floral Mix here:

4. Skin Healing Mix

This recipe is recommended for skin of all types, but most especially the problematic ones like acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Simply stuff your muslin tea bag with Epsom salts, oatmeal and dried lavender.

When ready to bathe, steep the bag for 15 minutes in warm water.

You may also use the bag as a mild exfoliator. Squeeze the remaining extracts to absorb most nutrients.

Get the ingredients to make this Skin Healing Mix:


Here are the 7 best bath tea bags again to remind you of what they are:

  1. Best Bath Tea For Sunburn
  2. Best Bath Tea For Baby & Diaper Rash
  3. Best Bath Tea For Fevers
  4. Best Bath Tea For Colds & Flu
  5. Best Bath Tea For Eczema
  6. Best Bath Tea For Dry Skin
  7. Best Bath Tea For Uneven Skin Tone


Bathing in tea is actually just like sipping it—you get to absorb all the healthy goodness of the steeped ingredients with every soak.

From green tea, chamomile, and lavender, to oats, milk, and Epsom salts, there’s an endless parade of botanicals and infusers that you can use for your tub tea pouches.

You can get creative with the combinations of herbs and still be kinder to Mother Nature with reusable tea bags for your DIY.

I’m sure that with the few products I’ve recommended and some recipes I’ve suggested, you can soon enjoy the healing and stimulating effects of infusing bath tea bags in your tub.

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7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types


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7 Best Bath Tea Bags That Heal All Skin Types